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    Hello everyone !

    I'm a 20 years old male, that likes other men to fuck his mum.

    About her looks, let's just say, she's 38, and in my entire life, not a single person's first thought, when he saw us, was that we are son and mom. They always said we're a couple or brother and sister. It's her picture in the attachment, for starters...

    Well, after many years of her loneliness, I finally realized, that she could use some fun here or there. After months of conversations about how I won't be bothered and won't think anything less about her, she finally gave in, and started having occasional sex with a guy that was hitting on her. No strings attached, fuck friends actually.

    To this day, she's dating 6th guy, like this, in a car somewhere, few times a week, and she can't thank me enough. She doesn't wants a serious relationship, so this is perfect for her.

    Now, first. I love to see how much happier and playful she is now.

    And second, for some reason... I just love to know, that she's getting laid !

    We were always very open about everything, and now, it's even better. I tease her a lot more, we hide even less from each other. On occasions, I help her choose underwear for example.

    I got to know one guy, that she is still dating now. It's great, even more than I imagined. I like to be respected and friends with her guys, so this was perfect. He respects me for how understanding and open minded son I am, so it isn't humiliating for me in any way.

    Here's how it happened :

    I never called mum when I knew she was fucking somewhere, but this time I forgot. She answered, but after some strange heavy breathing, that she couldn't ''suppress'' enough, I realized where she is, and I just smiled, and told her to enjoy as long as she wants.

    The guy she was with is a 28 years old trucker. He helped her when her car broke down a month before that, and while he was trying to repair it, I came there too, so I did ''knew'' this guy, also.

    Well, after a few ''dates'' she started fucking him, whenever he passed nearby, and ussually it was in his truck.

    What that guy didn't know, was that I know and approve, that he's fucking my mum, too.
    He got to know that now, when I called her. She said, ''Thank god I have such an understanding son, I'd be doomed otherwise''. He wanted to know more and she told him all about it, how I even support her to date, and how I even said, that I'd have no problem to meet and get to know her fuck friend.

    She told me, how horny is this guy, and crazy for her, and how he would do anything for her, and that's what ''got her going''. He was though pretty fat, and not too good in bed, but I'm proud of my mommy, that she never judged by the looks.

    But, she never thought that he'll want to meet me. I thought later, that he found amusing, to meet an approving son of a woman he was fucking without strings attached.

    Well, we met one day in a cafe, and we instantly got along. We were joking, being crazy, like we known each other forever.

    In a month, we were talking on the phone almost regularly, too, he always told me, what a beautiful mommy I have and that she's pure gold.

    After that, we even went on vacations together. This was actually the biggest step mom made with a man, after my dad, but it was still, (they actually talked about it) just for fun and company there on vacations, no strings attached.

    By the sea there, good life started. I was watching every day, how he's holding his hand on my mom's ass, squeezing it from time to time, how he carresses her, kisses her lips and neck. That guy's damn naughty.

    Mum felt uncomfortable first, but after some conversations with me, things got better.

    When we were in apartment, for instance, he would send me for cigarettes and winked, and I went in a bar, and gave them an hour to ''relax''. I was helping him fuck my mom as much as I could.

    I loved how he spanked her butt here or there, how he carressed her thighs when she sat on his lap, how he adored and played sometimes with her tits, if she suntanned topless... Wow.

    I bet he fucked my mom there like three or four times per day. Well, during the last days there, we got drunk together, and mum went out for something.

    We talked, and he openly told me, that he doesn't wants me to be dissapointed, and that it's better if i'm mad at him at this state than later.

    He actually told me, straight in the face, that he isn't going to be my stepfather or anything. And literally, ''I'm dating your mum just because of sex... Damn, she's good in bed.. Well, but we agreed that we won't have anything more, she's just my fuck toy, from time to time and that's it ! I rather tell you this now, because I think it's my duty to be onnised with you in this situation.''

    I told him, ''I know all that and I'm not looking for a stepfather. I liked getting to know you, just to know who is my mom meeting, and now I feel like we're friends since ever. That's it. And I like the fact that you realize, that she's just your fuck toy: She doens't want a relationship, either. So, therefore, please, be my guest ! Just, maybe I have only one request. I see, that my mom comes quite handy, when you need to empty your balls. Well, please, return the favor. Satisfy her whenever possible, too. She's looking for satisfaction, and well, I love to see her happy, too. And, she's playful like a teenager, if she's satisfied properly, I get by a lot better that way, too haha''

    Since then, we're even closer, when we drove from vacations, I watched him, he had his hand under her dress and under her panties, fingers in her pussy pretty much all the time !

    When we stopped at a gas station, and sat down for a coffee, I looked at my mum: Dressed in a hot, short dress, and her neck full of red marks from kisses and bites, even her breast a bit... Like a slut.

    I just thought to myself, that's the vacations moms deserve, not as now, when some can't have 10 % of that fun, because of her sons, daughters !

    She's still meeting this guy now, despite she met 2 new guys since then. But this guy is ussually nearby once in a week or two weeks, so it's no problem, even for my mom's ''moral side''. He doesn't bother, I put him to the test, and he passed, he isn't bothered that she's fucking others, too.

    Nowadays, he has my mom's panties in his truck, exposed for everyone (used panties), he calls it ''air freshener'', haha.

    And, ussually, when they have sex, I wait for them to finish, and he calls me, and we go for a drink alltogether.

    So, why I'm writing all this on an interracial forum ? Because my greatest wish now (alongside getting mom's pussy pierced), is to get her laid with a black stallion, and watch him fuck my mom's brains out.

    My thinking is, that superior black men should be offered our single moms. They should respect me for it, and I should thank them for letting me watch, how they unload their precious cum into my mum's pussy and mouth. Well, maybe I'd even apologise them, because mom has stretchmarks on her breasts because she gave birth to me, so.. :)

    Therefore, my goal someday is to get mum laid with a black bull, to be even more open with her and them, so that I could watch, lube her holes for them, prepare her for them, and then wipe her after they're finished. And to meet her with her new black bulls, pimp her out to them... :)

    So yeah.. I hope you understand me, I hope to find some like-minded people here. There's actually more people, that would like to fuck their moms theirselves, than encourage their moms to get laid and proudly satisfy and get filled by worthy black bulls.

    Have fun, Momsboy :)
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    Your mom doesn't look old enough to have a 20YO son! And I can see why she's getting plenty action!
    Hope she finds Black sex one day soon.
    Have you not asked her if she ever fantasises of them??? Go on be brave, tell her now that you know of her sex life, you can't help imagine her in certain situations and having amazing sex! Quickly followed by "I hope you don't mind me thinking of you this way???"
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    I've told you, noone ever guessed the first time, that we're a mother and son.. They always thought we're a couple or brother and sister, especially in the last years now.

    I've checked few times, how she would react on teasing about black men, but so far, she never admitted that she likes them.. Didn't say she doesn't likes them either :D.

    Well, about being so open, like you said now, with her... I'm ''testing'' her whenever I can, if I could go for it, but so far... When it comes a bit too far, too much details in conversation or too hot maybe.. She always stops it immediately, very seriously, so i don't think that would be a good idea yet.. But will continue trying ;)

    I'm glad you like her ;)
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    very sexy
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    That's a MILF.
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    So.. Anymore guys like me here ? It's technically the same as being a husband, that likes to share his wife with other men.. It's just son, sharing his mom with other men (the only difference is, that you really don't sexually do anything with your mother, you rather leave everything to her lovers.. it's just not right for me, atleast)..
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    ik kan je wel helpen:)