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Cuckold sleeping arrangements

What should the sleeping arrangements be when the bull begins staying over?

  • The cuckold sleeps on the couch or a guest room while the bull is there

    Votes: 129 59.2%
  • As long as the bull is fucking the wife, the cuckold only sleeps on the couch or a guest room.

    Votes: 58 26.6%
  • Other!

    Votes: 31 14.2%

  • Total voters
As soon as the bull begins to stay the night, sleeping arrangements for the cuck become a concern. The wife and bull need plenty of space to themselves, and as the "man" of the house, it's natural for him to be sleeping with her. So where does the cuck go? A guest room is the natural choice. If there's no guest room, the couch is a good alternative.

The real question is whether this should be limited to the nights that the bull is staying over, or if the cuck should be kept out of the marital bed for the duration of the wife's relationship with her bull. As long as the relationship with the bull is sexual, it can be hotter for everyone involved if the wife is seen solely as "his", and the cuckold has to keep a respectful distance from her. If the cuckold is being denied sex completely, then it's only natural to move him out of the bedroom until that changes.

For people into sissy-themed setups, it can be further humiliating to the cuckold by having the guest room decorated in pink and white, with a girl-sized single bed as the only place for him to sleep. This would also open up additional humiliations like being sent to his room for being willful, or having a strict bedtime.


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There are other options that don't emasculate or humiliate the husband. If a couple invites a 3rd party into their home for sex, the least this individual can do is show some appreciation, and try to maintain a harmonious relationship with both parties of the marriage. So, the bull should work with the couple to set "conditions & parameters" to the arrangement that will be agreeable to everyone, and respect his own presents as a guest in their home.
That's very true, that's why I said ... "So, the bull should work with the couple to set "conditions & parameters" to the arrangement that will be agreeable to everyone".
Agreed. After all, the whole Bull/Wife/cuck dynamic is all about 3 people, not just 2. In my experience, when the relationship has developed into something ongoing and we have moved our play from hotels to the bedroom the cuck has become completely ready to his place on the floor or in an alternative room. At this point in the relationship as well cuck has been put into chastity and is therefore allowed, when I am not spending the night, to being in the bed though this can hardly be construed as taking my place.
Agreed . When a "relationship" has been established , other sleeping arrangements should be made that allow
the bull more access to the wife ..and less intrusion by the cuck . Some prefer that the cuck not be present at all .
Others want him there to observe . This need not be emasculating or humiliating to the cuck but simply adding to
the experience of everyone.
When my lover is over my hubby stays in our spare bedroom and is only allowed in if I say it's ok for him to watch us fuck in out marital bed. But when were done he has to leave again so my lover and I can sleep.
Yes I agree, me and my bull always fuck on the marital bed,and like you sometimes I let my husband watch, I never let him take part , and he sleeps in the spare room as he should.