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    I'm a 21 year old black bull and I just started dating this petite brunette white 19 year old teenage girl. She used to be a cheerleader so u know she has a tight little body on her but she also has big perky breast that seem to want to jump out her t-shirt and a cute little bubble butt.
    She invites me to her mom's house for the evening, I meet her hot milf of a mom who looks like an older version of her with much bigger breast and short blonde hair, you know the type. Her mom's jaw was wide open when she saw me come trough the front door. I knew that I wasn't the type of guy her daughter was use to bringing home. She usually brought home whimpy white teenage boys so I was a change.
    It was getting late, I'm sitting on the couch with my little white bitch watching tv and I'm pretty sure that her mom was sleeping so I start to unzip my pants to let out my black meat. She gasped her hazel eyes wide open, she points to the corridor to tell me that her mother could walk in the living room at any moment. I squeeze one of her tits under her shirt and whisper:
    ``I want u to gag on my big black cock like a good lil' slut.``
    Her heads slowly goes down towards my semi-hard black cock, she licks around the tip and kisses it, sucking slightly on the side, her soft lips prushing agaisnt my road. I let her kiss my cock for 5 minutes, I can't take it any more I grab her jaw line, she knows to open her mouth wide and I start trusting my 10 inches of my big black cock in her nasty little mouth. I hear the sounds of my balls slamming agaisnt her chin, the sound of her throat stretching and closing while she gags on a mixture of her own saliva and my pre-cum filling her mouth. It looked like her mother heard something to 'cause when I looked to my left her mother was standing in the hallway watching her lil' girl get throat fuck by the biggest cock she probably ever saw.
    I didn't even think to stop, I knew I had to give that 40 year old white milf a show to remember and if she stayed in watch so be it :). I smiled and pushed my trobbing cock deeper in her daughter's mouth she gagged so hard I tough she was gonna puke when I took it out she gasp for air taking deep breaths. Her face was red and wet full of spit her chest was flush red I grab her hair in a pig tail order her to turn around on her knees, she obeys. I pin her face down on the floor and lift up her ass and while watching her mother straight in the eyes I push my cock deep while her daughter screams in orgasm. Her mother stood watching I could see her rubbing her clit and spasming with every trust I gave to her daughter squirming on the floor drooling on the floor in extacy. I was smacking and fucking her pussy so hard she seemed to forget that her mother was supossedly sleeping in the same house. I could see her mother with her mouth open fingering herself while I fucked her daughter the way every white bitch wants to be fuck and I could see the jealousy in her eyes after her daughter had so many orgasm on the floor of her living room.
    I was about to shoot my load when I pulled out and yanked her off the floor puller her head towards my cock and unloaded all over her pretty face she licked her lips like it was fucking diner. She was exhausted I had to carry her to her bed room and laid her on her bed I was surprised that her mom had time to go back to her room before I passed the hallway. I went back to the living room and has I stood in the hallway I saw her mother on her knees licking a couple of drops of my black cock that fell to the floor while I came on her daughter's face a few minutes earlier. She was like a hungry black cock sluth licking it off the floor rubbing her fingers in it and licing them off. I went to bed a happy man knowing that I manage to bring her over to the dark side.
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    awsome story
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    Looking forward to part two where you fucking the mother and also fucking the mother and daughter at the same time. Post some picture's of them..;)
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    Well deserved rest