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cuckold from all the way down in auckland, new zealand

i have been enjoying this genre for years and my current partner cuckolds me with a thick dick older white guy. i enjoy seeing pics vids and reading stories. i like talking to everyone about experiences and fantasies :)
Hi we are in NZ too and I have been cuckolded many times by my partner although she is very gentle about it. Unfortunately she's away now and seems to be on the wane slightly so not much action for me recently :(
Oh hey man, no kidding. Isn't it a great lifestyle. That's unfortunate, how many boyfriends /lovers has she had? Mine has only had one but looking for more. I'd love to meet people into this stuff and make some friends with similar interest. My GF also had a dry patch but I think she's back on it now. Do you have any pics? What part of NZ are you located in?
She's had about 15 altogether over many years. She stopped for awhile after the last bf as I must admit I had a bit of trouble as the jealousy got too intense. They would fuck for hours (I can only do about 15 min these days) and soak the bed with all her squirting. He was a porn star many years ago but could still do a very good job it seems! After him she kind of cooled down and at that stage I deleted all our dodgy pics, sorry. She looks like she's going to get back into it now though. Some rich guy has connected up with her from NZD and it looks like he will take her on a sailing trip in Greece on a 90' yacht!! No way I can compete with that!! We live near Whangarei, my partner is in Greece for the summer there.
Holy shit, sounds extremely hot about the fucking for hours squirting on the sheets lol. I am the same I don't last very long (I can last a long time in one frame of mind but as soon as cuckolding teasing and denial stuff enters its all over for me almost instantly lol). I know where your coming from about the jealousy, it can get intense especially when she starts to prefer him over me but at the same time it's a turn on so how can I complain. So she is in Greece with him? Wow she is lucky to have you, I bet she knows it. Do you wanna swap pics? How old are you?