Cuckold first, a poll

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When I first became a cuckold

  1. My wife told me and I agreed

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  2. My wife told me and I could not do anything about it

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  3. I asked her

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  4. I begged, and gave into her every wish

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  1. Dream Hubby

    Dream Hubby Active Member

    When you had your first cuckold experience, did you have a say?
  2. MacNfries

    MacNfries Well-Known Member Sweet & Cordial Gold Member

    With real cuckolding, the husband usually has no influence in the wife's decision to screw other men, so he's not the one in control. He can adjust to her random infidelities or not ... it won't matter to her.
    In voluntary cuckolding, the husbands often initiate and encourage the wives to seek other men to have sex, often so they can fulfill their own selfish, little fantasies. At least, initially, the husbands feel like they are in control of their wive's activities. Often, however, the wives have suddenly realized (because of their sexual activities with other men) just how poor their husbands were at sex, and they begin seeking out their own lovers. No longer do the husbands have control, and the husbands could, in fact, eventually feel their authority /control "threatened" or breached. Particularly if the wives have been foruntate to hook up with a gifted/talented black male, its often way too late to reverse course ... the damage done, the husbands become real cuckolds, and will either adjust to their wives frequent disappearances to seek sex with other men, or not; the wives, however, may not care one way or the other how their husbands feel, by then. :confused:
  3. Dream Hubby

    Dream Hubby Active Member

    Yes, I understand the ideas behind Cuckolding, I am asking about the realities. Do woman think about this as much as men? Do men drive the ideas more than woman? You know, the difference between theory and reality.
  4. steve6557

    steve6557 Member

    None of the above. We have been married 5 years. I was only am to provide oral sex, so she found a few white boys just for sex and it work fine. It didn't change our relationship. I heard from a friend how great BBC was, so the wife tried a BBC. The Black Bull brought cuckolding into the marriage. My wife didn't even know what cuckolding was. So neither me or my wife was looking to get into cuckolding, it was the Black Bull. He put me in my place quickly. I am now a cuckold.
  5. willsrvu

    willsrvu Administrator Real Person Gold Member

    I think it depends of the reasons. If a woman is in an unsatisfactory sexual relationship, cheating on her mate may become something she would think about. Otherwise, except for adventurous women, most tend to want to be sexually monogamous even when their mates give them a green light to enjoy other men as long as they have a good satisfying sexual relationship.

    My current relationship with my Wife is in that latter category in that she has no desire at this time to cuckold me even though she knows she has my full support if she wanted to. We actually discussed this again the other evening as she walked in while I was on the site doing some moderating duties. When she saw what website I was on she laughed and said that if she were ever to cuckold me with a "brother" it would be with XXXX, a close friend of ours.
    This surprised me and I asked why him and her reasons were all perfectly understandable as he is a very attractive man and I'm sure he would be a great stud for her. However, the reason that surprised me when she named him is because it is also the reason she would feel uncomfortable having sex with him: he is not just a "brother" in the racial sense, but they are very much like brother and sister in the relationship sense and she would feel weird like as if she were really committing incest! :rolleyes:

    So, after we finished discussing him, she then said the only other person she would want to cuckold me with was ... me! If we find another "me" she might seriously consider having a threesome the two of me. :bounce:

    My first experience with cuckolding wasn't technically as a husband, but a girlfriend that I split up with and then tried to get back together with, had already started going with another guy and she told me straight up that if I really wanted to get back together with her that I would have to accept that she was also his as well. So I became a "willing" cuckold.
    Of course, that didn't last and she eventually dumped both of us guys and moved on.
  6. calixto

    calixto Well-Known Member Gold Member

    My wife never had thought to make me cuckold. She had been into a relationship with a black guy 8 years older than her, for more than three years, before me. His name is Axel and he had worked in the same building than me for one year, so I knew him. When my wife broke up with Axel and we started to get dates, she told me about him. I asked her about sex and she told me all that I wished to know. When Susie told me how had they fucked during their first holidays together, I turned on and I begged her to fuck with him again, but this time in front of me.
    It took me 10 years convince my wife to do it. Axel has an amazing virility and potential.