Cuckold Contract With Bull

here is part of the contract I signed 10 years ago with our black bull. I've kept out proper names for privacy purposes.


1. Wife's pussy is exclusive to BBC.

2. The cuckold is never allowed to have sex with any woman.

3. The cuckold will lick his wife's pussy on command. No exceptions.

4. The cuckold is required to eat ever creampie he is ordered to.


1. The cuckold's penis is to remain in an approved chastity device 24/7.

2. The bull owns the key and will solely decide when the cuckold will cum

3. The cuckold is to never question the length of his chastity sentence.


1. If the cuckold breaks any of these rules, he automatically gets 6 months added to his chastity sentence.
yeh its food for thought basicaly we would be owned by the master and my husbands role would become secondary my role is to totaly be used by the master mmmm