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Cuckold by choice

I know a lot of you black men and white men like to believe that all of our white wives are absolutely in love with black playmates but WE just love the lifestyle. It's not a case of black men are more dominant or white men can't satisfy a woman. I've only been on here for a little bit but I've noticed a lot of racial tension when I tell people my wife isn't owned by anyone including myself people seem put off by it. We play with both white and black. On here I have voiced my opinion and black men have insulted me. I hope most of you bulls and couples don't feel this way. It seems to be a theme on here though. I don't mean to criticize anyone but when I get called names on here it may be time to leave. Don't get me wrong, I love watching Jessi being impaled by bigger cock, but it's a lifestyle, she's MY WIFE! Please don't take this as a slam on anyone that lives that way but we don't. Stay kinky people.
Agreed...My wife likes to get fucked occasionally by well hung, dominant guys. That's her thing. She is color blind, really. She doesn't care what their skin color is, just how they fuck. She doesn't think anyone, especially any one race is superior. If you're hung, fuck hard, and cum a lot, she'd be into you. She can be a cock and cum slut from time to time, and can be sub (she always does what she's told), but she's not a black man's property any more than she's anyone else's property.

I think there is room in this site for a wide variety of kinks. I also think it's important to realize that not everyone has exactly the same kink. One person, couple or group may be into a bull/slut/cuck live in situation. Another may be into sharing the wife with strangers at the club, another may be into humiliating the cuck. Another may be just a hot woman who likes a lot of black cock. I think there is room for many flavors of the kink.



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Please know that I'm not attacking you but I came to B2W because the previous dating site I was in turned into less about a place for women and black men to get together and more into a cuckold jerk off contest. If your not into the racial dominance of black men over white women there are great sites for just cuckolds. Please don't ruin this site for me and others who really need this connection without it turning into just white guys talking about how they wish their wives would,...but don't really want them to kind of a site.

This is just me talking. I'm not an admin, I'm not even a long term member. I just plead with you to not ruin this site the way others have ruined other lifestyle sites.

Thank you,

Although I prefer Black Men, sexually, I have had some pretty good sex with well hung white men, too. To me a Man who has a good sized tool and knows how to use it is a lot of fun, white or Black. For me Black is just a preference.


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It's a cuckold forum. I'm very secure in my role. Why does there have to be racial tension when there shouldn't be? I guess I am in the wrong place.
pic_IMHP-InMyHumbleOpinion.jpg You're correct to feel the way you do in your original post, cuckcrazy. No where, on this site, does it indicate this site is for the dominance of black men over white women, and I've been here over 5 years. Of course, it isn't specifically a cuckold site, either. This site conveniently provides sections or areas which allow its members to go to their topics of interests that relate to interracial relationships. So, hang around, pick the topic and section of this site that pertains more to your interest, and enjoy the show.
You'll find the popcorn and soft drink prices are well below the theatre rates, too ... gif_Yellowball-eatingPopcorn.gif Mac