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Real Person
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Has anybody got a male version tattoo like the queen of spades. We can create one or post your ideas.
For black men a tat isn't really necessary as it is sort of understood that a man (regardless of color/race) is usually interested in having sex with an available woman.

However, for those who might wish to bear an insignia indicating their preference toward sex with white women, they might consider their choice of a bull or horse (indicating a "stud" or "stallion") in solid black with a cat in outline either along side or embedded within the bull or horse. The horse would be best in a rearing sort of posture.

This would work best for lighter skin toned black men as the darker they are, the harder it would be to see the cat which indicates white pussy.

There is currently a design for white males, a Jack of Spades, that is similar to the QoS, which employs a lower case "j" embedded within a solid black spade symbol. If you look at this and imagine the spade as a bull or horse and the j as a cat, it might be easier to picture what I mean.

There is also an existing design which shows a black cock (rooster) and a white cat. which might be considered as well. This can be found on T-shirts and other items.