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  1. lildicwhtboi

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    Say you've discussed with your fiance about going black but she refuses. If she allowed you to have a cuckold bachelor party would you go through with it?
  2. MacNfries

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    .....Maybe I'm just not understanding the purpose of this "cuckold bachelor party" ... what is it's purpose? What functions are held to celebrate at the party? I think others might be confused as well, which is why you've had over 100 views thus far and no one has commented or cast a vote in your poll.
    .....Regular bachelor parties are held (more in fun) to identify a man's departure from being single to being married ... sort of his last fling and celebration of being "free & uncommitted". Often the friends of this prospective groom provide innocent adult entertainment, like lots of drinking, a celebrity roast where people say some words about the bachelor, having a stripper to tease the prospective groom as a reminder of what he'll be missing by getting married, etc.
    .....So, let's suppose a "cuckold bachelor party" is to be held and you're doing the arrangements ... what activities would this party have that would identify it as such a party? I'm just curious as to what your ideas are.
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