Cuckold art&comic

Hi people, a few months ago I created a blog with drawings and comics about cuckolding and interracial sex with my own illustrations.
I'd love to hear your opinion, what do you think, suggestions, whatever...

You can see here two examples of what I do.
And, of course, the link to the blog:

Thanks a lot!!!



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sexydirtywives, is this your own STUFF? I think it's pretty good, actually. You have an art style that is uniquie. Did you know there's a website link that budding XXX cartoonists go to show & improve their talent. It has a forum and everything. Check it out! Mac
if u black and want me to paint you with my wife in sexy compositions or have your wife drawn
I am the one to talk to... free of charge of course... if u wanna see my work contact me in person