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Cucked Once, didnt work out, not again.

Hey everyone! I love interracial and have a fetish for being a cuckold. But not to the extend to really do it again so I live through all you who actually go through it or through cheating wives.
Nothing hotter to me than a cheating wife or a single woman who is a "whore" for black or big cock. I mean this in the most respectful way.
I was cucked when I was 22 and ex was 22. Had joked with her about her probably wanting to blow my black friend. She would always laugh it off. But we were in the pool one night splashing around and they were very flirty with one another. I was agging them on a little. Gary sat on the edge of the pool and my wife was close to him, he said, the best I can remember something about being horny. I remember I specifically said..."She will take care of you". He looked at her and said 'Oh yeah?. She moved between his legs and blew him. I was too embarrassed to come out of water and jerked off in the water. He nutted in her mouth. She washed it off with the water and made a funny comment. That was it, we had passionate sex that night but wasn't long till she was sneaking with him. We never did that again openly. We divorced about six months later with my heart broken. She left for him. I cared for her and would have always taken care of her. They separated about six months later and she went through a few black boyfriends who were all friends of his. A few years later she married a white man and had children....still married to this day. My cuck experience did not work out like most of the guys I read about on here. One time and then the rest was her sneaking and then I lost her.
My wife now doesn't know about the cuck experience, I have shared a few fantasies but have been very careful not to dive into it because I love and respect her and would not want to lose her.
I often pleasure myself to that one night, that one scene about ex. It was so hot even though our sex life was good. I remember the feeling and emotions and how intense my orgasm was. But not worth losing a significant partner over. I don't seem to fit into a lot of the guys mentality on here because I like sex and do not want it kept from me. A dominant hot sex session during cuckold or a white woman being dominated during sex is hot but as long as out of the bedroom (or wherever) is respectful and treated well.
With that, I love to see white women with black men in public or sneaking/cheating. I once saw a white woman get in the car with a black man at walmart. I didnt know her but her car had childs seat in back. I went in the store when I came back out they were gone. I can only imagine what happened but that was extremely hot to think about.
Love to hear from cheating wives, I think its hot too when the cuckold doesnt know about it. Please share with me if you are one of these. Or just a white single woman who loves black cock and is a real whore for it. Best wishes to all!


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It was a hot story up until the divorce. Sorry that happened to you, but don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch. There's a lot of women who won't run around behind your back... unless you wanted them too!