Cuck to the aunt


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Are you mentally ill? Probably, but not because of your desire to be a cuck to your aunt. Haha, just kidding.

I guess I am sort of a cuck to my mommy and my sister. I do whatever they say as I am their submissive, and I clean cum from their pussies, which I love doing. Sometimes when my mommy spanks my naked ass for doing something or not doing something, I cum. I guess I am a mental case too! Haha.

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I have an aunt, widow, 43 years old, I wish to be cuck to her, am I mentaly ill?
When i was teen age boy, i fantasized that about two aunties. They both were very beautiful big butt ladies. Big ass, red head, deep brown eye Lisa, married with my mother's brother. Irene, my father's sister.

Irene was very gutsy woman. She maybe was the boss in hole family. I think she was a hotwife. Very big tits and butt. Irene was so beautiful blonde and nice blue eyes. She was very nice and kind but she was very very tough woman. She talked with me very often. More than she talked with others. She asked my things, my school and hobbies and other things from me. I never opposed with Irene then as a teen boy, cause she was tough and she said to me sometimes that she will handle me if nessessary. I believed her. My parents and her husband didn't say nothing. I loved Irene so much and she was super sexy. Irene have two very beautiful daughters with her husband. I thought often her husband to fuck Irene. I guess he was in heaven cause he married Irene. I couldn't keep my eyes of from Irene. When we had family met at summer, i stared Irene all the time. I think she noticed it, but didn't care about it. I listened her every words. She was everything for me in those moments. I wonder if she knew i am a wanker. Maybe she thought so. I was 10-16 years old then. I did jerk off many times there and fantasized Irene. Sometimes i did heard her voide, when i was jerking off and that was like an electric shock in my brains. Her husband must noticed that i'm hot for Irene, but maybe he was only a proud for his awesome wife and he let me worship Irene from a distance. She was absolute my favorite relative in all ways. She was my Goddess. I need to say i miss her. She is an old lady today. She live in an other country than me and probaply i never see her anymore.

When i was about 13 years, Lisa teasing me. She swimm naked, smile to me and told me not to peek. I was about 13 and she was 30+. After that i jerked off a lot and came extremely hard. Lisa worked selling clothes. As a young boy i went there when i needed new clothes. Lisa served me every times. I peeked her lovely beauty red hares and especially her big round butt. Maybe she noticed that. She just smiled to me. She was kind to me and i liked her very much. Maybe she, like Irene, knew i am a wanker. They were adult experienced women and i was teenage wankerboy. I got erection many times when i was bying clothes from Lisa. Doesn't all teenage boys are wankers? Even today i fantasize these ladies sometimes. At those days i didn't know anything about cuckolding or interracial. I focused only to peeking and jerked off. Well, i didn't drool at least, when i met these gorgeous Ladies.

Well, i edited this for few times and at the end that became a confession of love to my Goddess Irene. :)
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