Cuck sent to find her first black bull ever in the Pittsburgh Area... Calling all traveling bbc 2!

Jay Ed

We are seeking the right person black cock bull to make me an official cuckold before my eyes. We are seeking black male who are/were black bulls but will consider new comers if they clicked well with us. We are looking for BBC near the Pittsburgh area or the surrounding areas or a Black bull who can travel to Pitt... We can host you very comfortably and perfectly satisfying to your stay but we can not drive far from where we live so it mostly has to be the latter of us hosting. If you are the right guy you will be our first bull in this cuckolding way of life, her first black bull in the context of cuckolding, and also it will be the time when she gets to enjoy and fuck first Big and Black Cock ever... Not even once in her lifetime... We looking for real Black men and bulls to talk a little and ASAP make a plan or find a way to our lustful pleasure work out somehow... You can reply to us on my profile on this website through my profile, You can add as a friend and talk with me by facebook or skype.... Once serious people and those who say what they mean and keep their word... too many fakes, if you are interested you can also text me on my tablet tonight with a few pics and message about what we want and who you are.... Can't wait to make it a real reality!!!
Excitingly waiting for your text or response :)

Our cell is <phone # removed>
Annie is almost done with work around 5:30 she'll be home but you can still me a text for the sake of moving forward.
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