Cuck needing permission from wife's bbc owner to fuck

I think in many cases that is the general arrangement, however every couple have there own setup. I have heard that in some cases the cuckold actually needs permission from the bull of any form of sexual release .


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I as the Cuckold hubby get to clean my beautiful wife after she has been with her BBC's (yes she currently has two she sees on a regular basis). After I have cleaned her and made her cum orally I am allowed to enter her. I only last about ten seconds. I am NEVER allowed to cum in or on her. My wife has had me pierced in two different places. This is all she feels now when I am inside her.
But I am so conflicted. I'm like a woman now. I don't know what I want. She is decisive about everything. She WANTS Black Monster God Demon Cock. I don't want it but don't have the balls to stop it. I'm a little coward who's eyes bulge out and hand goes automatically to prick to jack the minute they so much as touch one another in front of me.