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Cuck needing permission from wife's bbc owner to fuck

Is anyone here in a situation where you as a cuck have your wife owned by a black bull and he has to give you permission to let you fuck your own wife? We've done some of that and looking for another similar situation. She has said if she finds a bbc owner she will not let me fuck her unless he says I can. I find it strangely hot.


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I as the Cuckold hubby get to clean my beautiful wife after she has been with her BBC's (yes she currently has two she sees on a regular basis). After I have cleaned her and made her cum orally I am allowed to enter her. I only last about ten seconds. I am NEVER allowed to cum in or on her. My wife has had me pierced in two different places. This is all she feels now when I am inside her.
But I am so conflicted. I'm like a woman now. I don't know what I want. She is decisive about everything. She WANTS Black Monster God Demon Cock. I don't want it but don't have the balls to stop it. I'm a little coward who's eyes bulge out and hand goes automatically to prick to jack the minute they so much as touch one another in front of me.