Cuck, have you ever and how far would you go?


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I had an experience over the weekend that shocked me to death, and yes, made me horny as hell. Friday night I got home from work, the kids were at in laws and my wife was waiting for me. She said that her BF for the evening had given her some instructions for the night that included me. She explained that he wanted me to help her in her preparations for the night.

Instantly I was excited about what might be in store. We headed up stairs and she stripped down. She said that the first instruction was that she was to once again be freshly shaven for her date and that she could not do the shaving and that I was to complete the task. I got to lather her up and shave her down to bare skin. It was incredible.

Next I was to oil her down from top to bottom. He wanted her skin silky smooth. So I spent the next 20 minutes oiling her body up so good, she shined. I oiled her back, her legs, then her belly and her tits and nipples. Then my dream and ultimate fantasy, I got to oil her lips and her bum. I have always dreamed of oiling her up and pounding away at her from behind. In her lips at first, but then sliding gently into her bum because she was so oiled up it just slid right in. Needless to say I was rock hard.

I wanted to take her, but time was running out. Next I had to get her in the shower and help wash her down and get any excess oil off her skin so that it was just silky smooth. I felt so horny when I got onto my knees and began working the soap and sponge over her freshly shaved and oiled lips. I would have done anything she asked at that moment.

Next was the task of getting her dressed for her night out. I chose a purple lace teddy to go under one of her sexy sweater dresses. She looked, smelled and felt hot as could be.

My question is as a Cuck, have any of you guys ever had to experience anything like this and how did you feel? Have you had to do more for her in preparation for her date?
I've been getting Jan ready for dates for many years. It's evolved over time but this is fairly typical.

For Jan a date is for sex not for romance. She is going out to be fucked.
For me it's a pleasurable hour and a half getting her ready. Even erotic preparing her for another man to enjoy.

She tells me at breakfast that she has a date. The tension then builds up through the day.

We start about 5 pm. I undress her and then into the to shower to wash her using gel and just my hands. My hands linger on her tits and between her legs.

She then lies back on the bathroom chair, legs apart to be shaved. I use a new razor every time and apply a moisturizing lotion to avoid any soreness.

Next it's into a hot scented bath for about 15 minutes. While she's in there I wash her hair using a shower spray.

After she's dried it's into the bedroom for me style and blow dry her hair. She puts on a little eye makeup and lipstick and her favourite perfume. She opens her legs and I give a long kiss to her beautiful cunt that will soon be used by someone else.

We dress her in holdup stockings and high heels. Very brief or crotchless panties. Sometimes no panties at all.
Lacy bra or a quarter cup to emphasize her nipples. A mid thigh length slipover dress which is easy to remove.

I drive her to the meeting place and go home to wait. She's always home before 10 pm.
When she gets back I'm anxious to get between her legs. She always goes bareback and I love licking her out as she tells about how he fucked her and in what positions. To finish a wonderful day she sucks me off.


I loved helping my gf get ready for her man. i'd book her a spa appointment to make her feel gorgeous and relaxed, go shopping with her until she found an outfit she knew he'd love to see her in, paint her toes for her and I learned to do her makeup too. When she was ready to go out with him or entertain him in our home she always looked absolutely stunning.


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I have been helping Beth since we got married. Usually I help wash her in the shower, and once the lesbian shaved her pussy, that became my job too...preparing her pussy for dates. I do her nails, pick out her clothes, and help her dress. Most dates are at home, so I dress her very slutty. Never, ever have I put a bra or panties on her. I love hearing the guys comment on how sexy she looks, especially when they say she has the 'fuck me' look. When her date arrives, I prepare the drinks.