cuck giving up the butt


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What's your husband's view on this? Does he desire this? Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks if both of you desire this. Every couple is different in some way.
pic_IMHP-InMyHumbleOpinion.jpg ... I don't think its a good idea for a woman to emasculate her husband. It causes her to lose disrespect and overall concern for him, thus eroding the relationship. With a 3rd party involved, it makes that person lose respect for you and your husband as well. I guess I can't understand why you would desire this to happen, if you do.
Personally, if I was a woman, I'd have a concern if the lover had a fancy for having anal sex with other men. And if I was the husband, I'd have concerns if my spouse was desiring to humiliate me in front of others.
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