Cuck Fun While Wife Is Out

Discussion in 'Cuckold Forum' started by ircuckindayton, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. ircuckindayton

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    Passing time...Still bound up, waiting for wife to get home so I can do some cleaning. CuckFun 023.jpg CuckFun 001.jpg CuckFun 002.jpg CuckFun 003.jpg CuckFun 004.jpg CuckFun 005.jpg CuckFun 006.jpg CuckFun 007.jpg CuckFun 008.jpg CuckFun 009.jpg CuckFun 010.jpg CuckFun 011.jpg CuckFun 012.jpg CuckFun 013.jpg CuckFun 014.jpg CuckFun 015.jpg CuckFun 016.jpg CuckFun 017.jpg CuckFun 018.jpg CuckFun 019.jpg CuckFun 020.jpg CuckFun 021.jpg CuckFun 022.jpg
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  2. cuckwanabe27

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    WTF man we don't wanna see this shit pics of lil white wieners we want real wife's,girlfriends,sisters,daughters ect all pounded raw by bbc's
  3. MacNfries

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    cuckwanabe ... that's the name of his thread, "cuck fun while wife is out", and that's HIS fun. Although I agree, after the first hundred pics, it got kinda boring. Sort of the same affect you get when you see a 200 lb woman wearing a thong! :)