cuck from London

Should I take my lust for black cock into reality by actually worshipping one.

  • NO- Keep it a fantasy, reality never lives up to it.

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  • YES- You need to experience the reality and you will never go back

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  • Its entirely your decision to make.

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Just arrived here so thought I would introduce myself. I am an increasingly submissive cuck who lusts after the idea of my wife and female relations and indeed all white women submitting to and having intense sex with black men. This has been growing ever since a girl (who later became my fiancé) I literally had just got together with that week (indeed I was picking her up from the station) told me that a pre arranged visit to a gf that weekend led to her having sex with a black guy 'to find out what it was like'. I was devastated test turned on by it. I had to make an instant decision to finish it before I started or accept it. I did the latter and this fantasy of mine just grew from there fuelled by the increasing popularity and the growth of the internet.

My wife and I don't have sex any more and I live to masturbate to imagery and imagination or black men on white women. I have also, feeling like I am anything but a real man, returned to cross dressing and the two fantasies very much come together now, it seems only right in my mind. Would love to chat to others whatever their role to see where this will lead perhaps meet with the right people to share experiences whatever their nature and role.