Cuck Couples, Has family or friends found out?

lol none of my friends know anything about my fantasy to get my gf blacked or family especialy my gfs dad wow hes racist as fuck he would want to kick my ass if he knew lol hes like the kkk but i want her to sexxxperiance the pleasures of bbcs in her but have to keep it from them all as were from a very small village in the countryside in yorkshire there is like 1 blk guy in the whole place
All the friends of my past wives knew what I was and I was always treated with mirth and contempt having to endure barbed comments! as for family well my Mother know's she knew about the transvestitism from very early years and then the cuckold stuff when I married first time!
My Mother got on like a house on fire with both my wives and met several of their lovers, she would also go shopping with my wives and brought them stuff to please their men! as for me little girly gift as xmas and birthdays are a norm!