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  1. mrhubby

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    My blonde 30 yo wife likes sexy hung men preferably blacks to do my job and I as a cuck, watch, help and record the event…so hi to all people like us.
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  2. bobwhit34

    bobwhit34 New Member

    Your wife looks very fuckable. I'm sure there's no problem finding willing guys.
    Thanks for posting her pictures.:cool:
  3. mrhubby

    mrhubby New Member

    Thanks bobwhit34. Yes, she is hot, but lack of BBC in our part of the world…Here some more as I love her ass
  4. yafram11

    yafram11 New Member

    Wow, what a view! You have got to find her a BBC and share the pics! If you can't find a real one, maybe a Big Black Dildo will be a nice surrogate in the meantime?
  5. sogjo78

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    I too would love to see my wife get fucked by a big black stud, many of them actually. Just thinking of her getting her pussy abused as she cums again and again, gets me hot. She wouldn't ever do it, but thats my fantasy, watching her fucked to a quivering mess by multiple black men.
  6. fedder

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    sexy wife, want to fuck her
  7. Captain Black Cawk

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    Where in the world are you that there is no BBC? Let me know, so I can go ravage the land. I've got a BBC, and I'm planning on having an illegitimate baby in every country on the face of this planet!
  8. big_blk_cockx

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    lol she knows how to pose lets hope she can bend over and take a big cock up her married cunt