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cuck Boi's March Confession


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They got drinks and they watched as her Master started to kiss my wife. He quickly pulled her shirt off and her bra, she stepped back and took off her shoes, jeans and panties. Her Master was rubbing and touching her as the two black men and the white girl watched along with me, still sitting alone. The two black men asked if they could fuck her. Her Master said 'no, she's mine, but you can watch.' Wife started to suck his BBC but within a few minutes the white girl was naked except for her boots. She also began suck one of the black men’s cock as well. Before long the two black men were naked. They were so dark and both of their cocks were long thick and uncut. They were both very skinny, but what nice looking cocks they had.

Before long wife's Master was fucking her and one of the black men was fucking the white girl. i was just watching when one of the black men came over to me, cock semi-hard and said 'so you like to lick the dick?' i said, 'yes sir'. He laughed and pulled me off the chair and told me to lick his dick. i started to give him a grade A blow job and he was liking it a lot. When he had enough of me, he walked over to the white girl and took his turn with her.
By this time my wife and her Master had just finished up. They both cleaned up and got dressed and we all watched the two black men fuck the white girl. When they were done, we all had a drink together. The white girl had been working for these guys for about a year. She was a college student and she wanted someday to have a black baby. She and wife exchanged cell numbers and wife said she'd call her. They gave us our food, we all ate and it was very tasty and the conversation with them was very enlightening. They told us all about their home land and how they came to this country, and how they got with white girls like the one that was there that night. As we were getting ready to go, wife's Master told me to pay for the food and to leave a 'healthy' tip, which i did.

i don't know if we'll ever see them again but it was a great night all around. i actually got to suck a BBC from the mother land, the cock of a black man who has not been in this country more than 4 years. It was something that i'll always remember and look back on with great fondness.