Cuck attire?


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.....In order for this "cuckolding" to remain harmonious ... meaning all 3 remain happy with the arrangement, I think its important that the Wife & so-called Bull work within his limits. Remember, this cuckolding is like a 3-leg stool ... for it to work, all 3 legs gotta play their part. So, if he desires to add "humiliation" to the arrangement, then by all means be creative with the activities. However, if he just wishes to sit in the corner and watch, or maybe let someone else do HIS JOB of pleasing his wife because he's too damn lazy to do it himself ... then that should be a consideration.
.....If I'm some black guy, going to some white couple's home, fucking his woman, drinking his beer, etc ... I'll try to keep things cool, otherwise, she's got to come to my place, which means she hangs around a lot longer than I prefer IF all I'm wanting to do is score some white pussy.
Cuckold a style of life for 3 persons. So the "play" must be interesting for all of them. It is not just "fucking" the hot wife, but also giving the satisfy to her cuckold so.
I am bi, and I love, when the hubby is also bi, so I can have him and his wife. If he is sissy would be wonderful to have two women at the same time. Yes I prefer sub couples, or at least when man is sub.