Creating a Monster

Several years ago when I was trying to get my wife to try swinging she warned me that I might just create a monster releasing her sexual desires. I wasn't worried as I hoped to open up a whole new sexual world for myself. And now after five long slow painfully frustrating years of getting her to try new things I am starting to wonder. I had started and eventually we had met this guy Rick. I knew him a little from his reputation and knew if she was going to try anything wild he was the one who could get her to walk on the wild side. Rick is a big guy, just as tall as me at 6'5" and that's about where it stops. He is a big man in many ways, he works out regularly and his chest is twice mine. His arms and legs are more muscular too. He has a small waist and a mustache and a full head of hair that she seems to like. But most troubling to me is his cock, it's at least twice my size, he claims 9 1/2" and from the picture I've seen it looks so much bigger than my 6" cock.
He is also a very forceful and demanding man when it comes to sex. He has agreed to a threesome but not until he's had her alone a few times. He's also implied that the first threesome he has with her probably won't include me. That in any oral sex she will be expected to swallow his cum, something she never wants to do with me. And also he may demand anal sex, something I've been attempting to get her to do for years. He also said there would be one more condition that he'd tell us when we decided to take him up on his offer. With all this I assumed that she would not want to go through with it, but last night he came online and she seemed eager to talk with him. After chatting and her saying that she'd like to meet him he told her his last condition. I knew she was going to turn him down now as she read the final demand he had for her. She is to have me trim her pussy and help bathe her and help her prepare for the date. I am to watch as she gets ready with her make- up and hair. She is then to put on her high heels and only her coat. Then I am to drive her to the Tim Horton's coffee shop where first met and talked to him. I am to open the door for her and walk her over to his Jeep and she must open the coat as she walks to his vehicle so he can know she is naked under it. Then I am to open the door for her and kiss her goodbye as she gets in with him and they will drive away. He will call me to come get her after they are done.
All she is allowed to bring is her shoes, coat and cell phone. Without her purse she can't even take a taxi home. I was amazed when she agreed to all this and then she gave him our home number. A few minutes later the phone rang and she went upstairs to talk to him for a half hour. Later in bed she told me that he is going to call her at work, and then they will meet for a drink and she will have one last chance to agree or back out. The next time that they meet will be her ready and prepared to completely submit to his demands and desires. I suspect that this will happen next week. He has said that he may call and let me listen in either when he first pushes into her or sometime during the evening, I hope he does, I'm already excited thinking about it. I hope she's not too tired when she gets home, I think I'll want to eat her out after.


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Get ready for a wild, intoxicating ride baby. Your wife is going to discover a level of sexuality she never knew she had in her....and you will support her and encourage her.


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Ken do not be supprised if that last requirement is that he knocks her up. My wife, whom I married at age (both)18 knew we were subs when we married. We went to our master for our honeymoon and left with her pregnant with a black boy. That was 8 years and 7 black kids ago. Our master only inseminated her twice, both times with twin boys. The other three were by friends of his. He streached her pussy out during that honeymoon so it never closes up, he makes her wear a large dildo to keep it that way. He says we will have more kids. He also told her that his sons may knock her up when ready
She's never going to want your dick again - I would love my wife to become addicted to black cock - it really would reinforce just how pathetic my dick and I am!