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Crazy dream


Gold Member
Last night i had this crazy dream i came home from work and there was a strange car in front of the house. I come in and i hear my wife screaming, thinking she is being attacked i run to the bedroom and i am shocked to see a hugh black guy fucking my wife senseless, just as i am about to do something i hear her say "oh god fuck me harder". I then realize she is enjoying this. Just then the black guy stops and says have a seat cuck and watch me show tou how your wife deserves to be fucked. So i sit down and watch him fuck my wife's brains out for the next 45 for the next 45 minutes. I cant tell you how many orgasms she had but it was a lot. More than the. One my five inch dick can give her. Eventually he yells he is going to cum. I assume my wife is going to tell him to pull out but she says cum in me, i cant believe she said that. He tells her she might get pregnant and she says i don' t care and with that he fills my wife. Then he proceeds to stay inside her for another 10 minutes i assume to let his sperm inseminate her. This is when i wake up from my dream with a raging hard dick. Anyone else have similar dreams or fantasies?