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Discussion in 'Couples and Women Seeking' started by wife4black, Jul 24, 2012.

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  1. wife4black

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    After several years of enjoying IR movies and even a black toy my wife has told me she is ready for the real thing. She is 38 (looks 28), 5'6, approx. 120, brown hair, white skin & very pretty (imagine a young demi moore type - before the boob job and going crazy. She is the sweet and innocent soccer mom type that everyone loves. Everyone we know would be shocked that she was into BBC. She is interested in a nice guy with a great body. She likes sexy abs, a great smile and a huge cock (no surprise there I guess). She is not interested in a bull trying to dominate her at least at first. Age ranges from 23-40.

    As for me, I am totally laid back and just enjoy my wife being pleased. When I first introduced her to IR she said that I can't expect her to watch these video and for her not to want it. I accepted that then and do now. I am not a sissy and have no interest in anything homosexual. We hope to find a someone that can become a regular playmate for her. So being in Dallas area a plus but can be overlooked if have other qualities listed above.
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  2. adubbbc

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    Sounds very intriguing. Definitely interested in helping. Demi-moore ish. LOVE IT. I had such a huge thing for here. Especially in the stripper movie. Lol.
  3. Sammy D

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    I live in Austin, Tx and visit would love to meet yall. Come make for a weekend of fun ;)
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