Couple here

Late 20s/early 30s couple here in to swinging/swapping and sometimes mfm for over a year. Latina wife and white husband.we were toldabout the site by one of our regular couples. The wife is starting to get in to black guys but has never been with one before. We are not into cuckold stuff, hope that is ok since the site appears to be about interracial fun but most of the talk here seems to be cukold-related. It's ok if it, not judging, just want to be clear.

Also, we are not up for traveling to meet anyone or have anyone travel to meet us. We live in a big city so meeting people here is usually never a problem. PM us here or IM us on yahoo if you want to know where we are.

The husband likes to chat with others into the lifestyle and about wives on yahoo messenger as sharingmylatina.

The profile pic, as of this posting is not the wife (obviously). Just a random pic off the net so we wouldn't have a blank profile.