Couple based in Lithuania


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married young couple in Lithuania here.
We're looking for hot encounters with fun people who are visiting our country (or when we're traveling on our holidays abroad).
We're newbies here on this website, but we have some experience on this scene from before (meetings with couples and lately with single guys as well. In general we're looking for MFM fun nowadays, but we welcome everyone to say hi!
We're also members of some other dating sites with the same nickname, won't reveal names of them here (you're welcome on PM).

The most important thing is that he or them are kind persons, not pushing and fun to be together.
Girl's desire is deep and intensive love making, starting nice & slowly and going till wild. Potential other HE should be attentive and tough lover.
Guy's priority is pleasure for his girl, its a must. He loves seeing her moaning from pleasure - thats the biggest his desire.
Hi guys,

i am from istanbul, often in Russia cause slut wifes but why not Lithuania for the next time. I love the travel, or maybe you guys come to istanbul one day!

So lets keep in touch, we have great time if we meet somewhere,



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Wow she is hot! I am from the Netherlands, if you are here you are more then welcome. I can show you around. When I wil go to lithuania I wil Let you know, so we can see if we can meet.