I'm athletic i played football, basketball, track and field, wrestling. I'm a really good cook i can make almost anything taste good. I can sing and rap. I'm a writer. I'm funny and very laid back and intelligent. I'm amazing in bed or so ive been told. goals:engineer, actor,graphic designer, famous book writer and best father in the world when the time all through out middle school and high school i had a big crush on this black girl and she never gave me a chance and i tried every thing and on my last year of high school I met this white girl and she was so cool i had English with her and i would help her with her homework till one day after school she came over to my house to study and she kissed me. to make a long story short we got together and then broke up u know the whole routine teenage heart break blah blah but ever sins then ive really liked white girls i mean i like all race of women but I'm gonna marry a white girl one I'M JAMAICAN