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  1. curious4ellie

    curious4ellie New Member

    trying to get my girl to get blacked. haven't brought up the topic yet but i'm curious as to what lines/tips you guys have or use on girls?
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  2. AthensGirl

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    I don't think you can force it on her, but you should try to expand on the number of opportunities she has to interact with Black men. If there is a possibility of it happening, nature will eventually take it's course if she is interacting with Black men every day and you make your feelings known to her.
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  3. Drillher4me

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    Take it .... S-L-O-W-L-Y ... AND BE PATIENT! It'll take time!
    IF YOU "RUSH IT" ... YOU'LL KILL IT!" (That is, getting her to take on her first BBC!)
    I started out with my wife as a fantasy sharing event! That's when we were first married.
    Eventually I introduced her to IR xxx movies.
    Then her very favorite toy ... a nice big black dildo!
    She loved that thing for awhile ... at least until she got the real thing!

    The very best TIME to start and continue on this journey is when she's hot and horny!
    She'll be most receptive when in those moods!
    Eventually she'll be begging for some BBC!:exciting:
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  4. curious4ellie

    curious4ellie New Member

    i'm thinking more along the lines of "do you think my dick isn't big enough for you?" if she agrees, "black guys are supposedly hung"
  5. jibstar

    jibstar Active Member

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  6. Tempesto

    Tempesto Active Member

    I couldn't agree more! You really have to ease her into the thought, especially if she has never shown any interest. I think introducing IR porn is totally the way to begin, assuming that you both watch some porn together already. Start with some fairly straightforward fare, no gang bangs or nasty stuff to begin with because you don't want to risk her shutting down on it. Try to find one with a woman that looks like your wife, same build too if you can find it. If she comments on the similarity, I would act like it wasn't planned (because again, she might sense an agenda and shut down). If she doesn't notice, then expose her to more with women similar to her. Somewhere in her subconscious she will begin to identify herself with that woman, and the bbc that is giving her so much pleasure. It will be subliminal, and it is best if you can work it this way.

    As she sees more Black cock, it will become more normal to her. If you are like me, and probably most of the cucks and wannabes here, you probably became enthralled with Black cock taking white pussy through seeing it on porn. It is logical that the more exposed to it she becomes that she will also become enthralled. Mention how big the cocks are. Tell her that you find the color contrast to be exciting. Basically, share what you are liking about these videos. Don't make the conversations seem forced. But, do make sure that you are communicating with her and not at her! Be careful not to sound like a shill or pressuring in any way! Just let her know that Black cock entering white pussy turns you on.

    Phase out any porn with white men . . . slowly. You don't want her to shut down. But if you buy good, non-offensive/mysoginist porn she will probably start to enjoy it. You will know you have succeeded if she asks to see a specific one, a favorite. Then you can come up with the idea of role playing the movie, maybe with her wearing something over her eyes so that she can't see you, and you pretending to be the Black actor.

    Anyway, read the guide in the link. But that is how I would start. Good luck!
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