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Convince my girl to go black


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.....I guess I read more than I should, sometimes, out of posts that use the word "addicted". That's a word that basically says an individual has no control in the event or situation. And if that word is understood and used in such a way, it makes no sense to me why anyone would want their partner addicted to someone or something else other than themselves. A partner that becomes addicted to other sex partners, for example, means that you, as their partner, are no longer what is really important to that partner in the relationship. And if that is the case, my question would be "Why would you want your partner addicted to someone else other than you?" Because, eventually, that often results in an ending to that relationship as the partner becomes less interested in you. So, possibly the truer word would be "desire" ?
.....If I'm reading into this more than I should, I apologize, I'm just use to selecting/using words based on their face value meanings. We see the word "breeding" used a lot here, and I think what most posters really mean when they say that is not really to procreate, but to simply cream/cum inside the female.
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