convince fiance to go black

Im 26 and my fiance is 25...shes 5'1" 110 lbs...i wanna see her sexy little ass take a big black dick but i dont know how to convince her...she doesnt even know i have this fetish yet...can anybody help me with this...?
I dont know how to just come out and tell her....i fingered her with 4 fingers the other night while eating her out and then fucked her she got off so hard from it but thats the closet ive came to even hinting about it
figure it before u get married or let it go. it's best to look for someone with your own brand of kinkyness. u can't change anyone. u can only hope to find the right partner to start with.:) how do u do that you're about to ask? put yourself out there for all to see. the right partner can't find u if you're hiding your kinkynesss away.