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Conversion Master

Interviewing Leroy:

Reporter dropped off by his attractive young wife of 4 years ... cordial chit chat ... then she leaves.

Reporter and Leroy sit down to the interview.


Reporter: "Leroy, you've had a phenomenal track record. Some would pass judgment but honestly, I'm simply curious. How have you managed to bed so many white wives" What's your secret? What advice would you give to other black guys with similar appetites for married white pussy?"

Leroy: "Well, my advice would be to quit all the romanctic BS and quit trying to figure out if she's interested."

Reporter: "Um, I'm puzzled. Can you explain?"

Leroy: "Okay, let's take you for example ... you're a white guy ... what are you packing? 4 or 5 inches maybe?"

Reporter: "Um ... yeah, something like that I guess."

Leroy: "And it's a skinny little pecker too ... right?"

Reporter: Nods quietly.

Leroy: "missionary position ... 5 minutes tops ... you treat her with the utmost respect?"

Reporter: "Um ... well, sure ... I love her."

Leroy: With a knowing smile, "yeah, you pansies are all alike.

Reporter: "Excuse me?"

Leroy: "Okay, my advice for younger black guys? Forget all the pussy footing around. Just show em what they crave ... what their husbands can't provide."

Reporter: :Yeah, right ... that sounds pretty crude ... won't work. Certainly wouldn't even get to first base with my wife."

Leroy: "No? I've fucked dozens of nice respectable white wives. Somewhere's around 85% go BBC only." Laughing, "I likes them the best. I pass them off to my friends. And I'm not talking skanks here ... NO SIR ... hot hard bodied wives married 4 or 5 years ... that's the kind I likes to fuck best. I loves having "respectable" white wives on their knees begging for it."

Reporter: "This is riduculous ... you're just a braggart ... no way."

Leroy: "This place has a pool on the roof ... right?"

Reporter: "yeah ... it does."

Leroy: "You wanta play? I'll prove it to you ... I'll meet an attractive white wife up there tomorrow ... and I'll fuck her brains out ... and I'll turn her husband into a pathetic jerk off ... she'll go BBC only."

Reporter: "Yeah right ... probably with some woman actress or something."

Leroy: "Here it is guy ... you have YOUR wife up there sunbathing tomorrow around 3:00 PM."

Reporter: "That's stupid ... why would I do that?"

Leroy: "What's wrong? Don't you trust your woman? I thought you said your wife would never do it? Hmmmm?"

Reporter: "Fine ... she'll be there ... no way she'd even think of going with you anyway. I suppose next you're going to tell me, 'once they go black they never go back'."

Leroy smiles: "Don't chicken out now ... "

Reporter gazes down at the enlarging bulge between Leroy's legs, gulps and utters, "No way ... I'll have her there ... she'd never do it ... you think she's that shallow? No sir ... takes more than a big cock. No way ... never."

Leroy rises to go: "Tomorrow at 3:00 ...