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    I read a lot of the general discussion post. To all the women who feel a BBC is being ignorant and disrespectful to them is kind of a contradiction. Knowing all women don't want the same thing, nevertheless the majority of actual real people on this site have a fantasy of being so-called blacked ( like the porn site). The psychological reasoning behind a lot of the fantasies have to do with black men just being a beast/brute with a huge dick. I honestly would like to have a vote of how many women, men, and couple keep their sexual desire for a black men private! Why is it that black men are so feared throughout the world, when history shows it is not a black men you should fear.

    The same woman who looks down upon a "black" men and stereotype the individual is the same woman who wants her brains fucked out by a black male. Yet alone we have this three century long systematic oppression in American which fuels the economy by undermining and intentionally oppression "black" people. But those same patriots who are blind to the truth and lack knowledgeable facts of unspoken history. Still want the biggest darkest swinging dick to fuck their wives!
    Maybe I'm just confused ( sarcasm )

    Tell me what you think/feel on the topic. Please reply with an open mind. Write as an intellectual. Not some media reciting zombie
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    Yeah you do sound confused. And like you are rehashing social justice things you heard on twitter.

    You are generalizing a lot of things without apparent reason. You are making a lot of assumptions based on logical fallacies.

    You can objectify people and be respectful. It's not that hard.
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    Hahaha. Ok, mr PhD did I make an assumption or did I say you sound like you rehash things you heard on twitter?

    Did you do some social sciences while at uni, because it sounds like it. See what I did there?

    Now are you going to reply to my input or simply ignore it and applaud yourself in your echo chamber after your academic p0wnage of zero of my input?

    All your social and cultural claims aside, you claim people can not objectify and be respectful? How did you end up on this website?
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    I'll try to respond at your post, despite is a little hard to me understand your point of view due we live in different countries with different societies.
    I don't think black men are ignorant. I have known a lot of business people who were black. Some of them had gone to universities and got better qualifications than me.
    In my country, Argentina there is not racial problems.
    I must admit that I've heard a lot of stories about black men since I was a teenager. Those stories were about the big size cocks of black men, of course, but I thought those were just myths because they came from porn films and tabloid journalism.
    I grew up thinking that black men were overvalued in the sexual aspect. But my subsecuent experience was going to show me I was wrong.
    When I was 23 years old I was working in an office like administrative employee. I must to control the assistance of the building staff.
    Some day a beutiful and tall caucasian girl moved to work in the same building than me. She was Susana (my wife).
    I think I fell in love with her immediately.
    But I couldn't approach to her at first, because she was having a relationship with a black guy, who was going to work with us too.
    When I met him, I couldn't believe what was she had seen in him. He was not handsome, he was shorter and thinner than her and he had not good modos with the rest of the staff.
    Almost all his male coworkers thought that he was a "lucky wimp" and I had the mistake of think in the same way than them.
    One year later, he must moved to another place to work (he became in a driver). Just for work reasons, I must go to Susie's office every day and soon we developed a great friendly and confidence. We usually talk about anything included sex.
    One nigh, speaking by pone about sex, she told me about her sexual experiences with him during their first holidays together in Rio, Brazil (I've written a lot of post about it).
    I change my mind completely about Axel immediately. After Susana told me some of her sexual experiences with him, I could understand that he has not a huge dick, but his virility was incredible.
    Hearing her stories I developted a great admiration and envy for him. He was not a "bbc" but a good man who really knew how to satisfy a woman using his intelligence, virility and love.
    He's one of the men that I admire most.
    When my wife broke up definitely with him, several times along years I begged her to call him and get a trio. But this is part from another topic.
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    You're wellcome, I agree with you in your point of view.
    And I would like to tell you something more about our experience.
    My wife Susie and her boyfriend Axel were in love during their relationship, despite it didn't work.
    When my relationship with Susie began, I was not able to make her reach her orgasms easily. This was due she was accustomed at his way to have sex. It was understandable because she had been with him almost 5 years.
    Like Susie and me had an open mind, I allowed myself ask her all about her sexual life with him and she had not problems to tell me.
    He was not a "bull" but a normal black guy who was in love with his girlfriend.
    Axel used to start his sexual meeting with Susie, licking and kissing her nipples with a mix of love and sensuality. He could be doing that for almost half an hour. It turned Susie on immediately. When she felt her pussy wet and couldn't resist any second more her excitation, she asked him to coupled.
    If they felt in a romantic moment, then they use the missionary position. Once Axel had put his beautiful black cock inside Susie's pussy, they started with his movements. Axel was shorter than her, so his head was closer to her breast. Some people would have thought that the heights difference could be a problem, but in the case of Axel that was an advantage. He searched for Susie's nipples and continued licking them while they had sex in missionary. Susie usually reached her orgasms in one or two minutes having sex in that way. Another times they had sex in cowgirl position with the same mix of love and passion.
    Of course some time they only wished to remove their excitation, so they fuck in doggy.

    I remember the first time Susana and me were going to have sex. When we were ready to be coupled, I told her that I was feeling an incredible pleasure because I was going to put my dick in the same pussy that a black guy had put his wonderful black cock before. I knew Axel had been an excelent sex partner for Susana and I felt incredible being in his place then.
    I have learnt a lot from my wife's ex black boyfriend. I never watched him like a rival but a great life's partner with who I have shared the most important thing in my life, my wife.
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    Why do you feel the need to misquote me? I

    That was exactly what I wrote. I did not claim I knew your sources/education


    I was not trying to belittle anyone. Just pointing out relevant fact.
    I know but thanks for pointing it out, sir.

    Nope, I speculated (the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.) about your sources due to the content and style of your OP. Not an assumption (a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.) I demonstrated it again by speculating you did some social sciences.
    You seem to be convinced there is a causality between your thesis* and historical facts. I dispute the assumption.
    *'To all the women who feel a BBC is being ignorant and disrespectful to them is kind of a contradiction'

    I liked how Dan Savage had put it, a lot funnier then me in any case:

    And for the record, CUCK, there's nothing wrong with treating someone like a piece of meat during sex—provided you treat him like a human being before and after sex. Some people enjoy being treated like pieces of meat, and as long as the men you play with consent to being treated like meat, there's nothing improper about it. Consent is, as I've written before, always and everywhere the magic ingredient. It makes BDSM not actual violence, it makes a facial not actual degradation, it makes a realized rape fantasy not actual rape. In your case, CUCK, the joyful consent of all involved—including your future wife (good luck with that)—makes the expression of your racist fantasy not an actual expression of racial animus.

    ...To sum up, CUCK: As long as you understand the cultural forces that shaped your fantasy, as long as you don't assume that all black men wanna bust up your wife's chifforobe, and as long as you treat any black man who does bust up her chifforobe like a human being—and, what the hell, as long as you vote Democratic and donate $100 to the United Negro College Fund for every inch of black cock that gets slipped into your future wife's chifforobe—there's nothing unethical about realizing your fantasy.

    So yes this kink also exists because of the history you were talking about. Does that mean people should be disrespectful? And how on earth does it constitute a contradiction? People with kinks have biases. Just like everyone. I am sure there are black men who love to get back at the white man and fuck their white wives yet are able to see the person as a person and not the white race. They indulge in a fetish with respect. Those who do not are simply stupid and anti social, be it the white couple that treat a black man bad or black man treating the white couple bad.

    Unless it's per request and can be stopped with a safeword.

    I laughed because you felt the need to tell me you have a PhD. Like it would enforce your arguments. I judge your arguments on their merit, not some piece of paper you did or did not earn. We are on a sexual fetish website!


    Good for you! Did they have safe spaces there when you attended? I truly do not see why you are so spastic about your education level.
    Okay... And this should mean anything to me?

    Fine, have fun in your echo chamber! I have had enough discussions and done panels with people from social sciences and also have a friend who is a professor in social psychology. They have my respect, tho many social sciences are not falsifiable and purely based on antipositivism. So when there is a discussion with social it tends to be much like this one. Based on assumptions. (edit; trying to say they atleast engange in a discussion, no matter how flawed their thesis or ideas. That I can respect)

    I am merely an anonymous wanker on a sexual kink forum tho. I do not feel inclined to state my education at all.

    Please do feel free to counter my arguments.
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