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considering my first bbc experience

Yes...I want to feel it stretched to the limit and more
Sinful....you don't get the whole experience until you have a strong black man grab you by the hair, bend you over, and hold you down....maybe with an arm behind your back....and have to stretch your tight pussy so much he nearly has to force it inside you until he bottoms out with his tip driving into your cervix. :)
Really curious what it would feel like to have a bbc in my tight pussy
GETTING.a big cock put in your pussy.does not feel good u have to be breed by big cock.my black steep father breed me at 12 bang my bum and pussy.i have 3 babys from him.and i dont have any problem the way i was raised dont think u can just go out and get bbc it will rip u open both sides.all black men i have been with have asked me can u handle a black cock