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Am I a crazy husband for wanting this?

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  1. curiouscpl79

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    Okay, so I wanted to share the back story of myself, my wife, and the struggle to get her to say "yes".

    I am a white male with an average cock. It's about 7.5-8 long and average 5.5-6" girth. Nothing huge, but I have stamina and know how to use it. I have multiple girls squirt, including my wife and almost every time we have sex, she squirts from the pounding she gets from me. I own that pussy. I am far from a pussy, but I am very sexual. I've had the fantasy for some time. When I was younger and in the military I use to fantasize about 3 somes and group scenarios and to be honest, I fulfilled them all in my twenties. It was erotic, fun, and exciting. My sex life was crazy compared to most to say the least.

    After getting married, of course things slow down a bit. It doesn't slow down in the sense of great sex, but it slows down in the sense of adventure and excitement of the new and unknown. Of course, I introduced porn into our relationship to spice things up. Later we went to dildos and toys to spice things up. Slowly things started to progress in our sex life toward more and more kinky things. I secretly wanted her to be fucked by a huge cock. At first it didnt matter if it was white or black to me. I just wanted someone with a huge cock to fuck her. Seeing her orgasm is the epitome of greatness to me. I just love to see a woman cum. It can get me off quickly if I dont control myself.

    Anyways, I kept up-sizing the dildo play until we ended up buying the Ty Fox Dildo. At first sight she said, "No way, I'm never going to try that. It's huge!" Later that day I was outside doing yard work and one of our kids came out and I said, "Where's mom?". He said, "Oh. she's in the bathroom. She's been in there awhile." I had this gut feeling that she was exploring on her own. I came inside the house and her face was flush red and I knew. I said, "What are you doing?" "Nothing", she responded. Were you playing with the Dildo? Her face turned really red and she got pale shortly after. "Yes."

    I was so happy. I felt a little betrayed, but I thought quickly that if it were me, I would've done the same thing. My dick got hard just knowing she wanted to try it. She didn't want to talk about it much, except that she said it was huge. Later that night, we played with it and she came a few times. She couldnt take it balls deep, but she still came from it. The only complaint she had was that it was too rough and too hard.

    Later, I did some research and purchased the John Holmes Dildo because of the comments about the UR3 material. It arrived and this became our new Toy for awhile. The first time we used it, I had her 69 me and I slowly allowed the dildo to enter her. I let her control most o fit, as she back up on it while sucking my dick. She stopped sucking my dick and really started to back up on it. She came quickly and it seemed that the orgasm just didnt end. I could see juices coming from the walls of her labia and it was running down her snatch and all over the toy. She was wet as hell. I instantly came from it. Watching her pussy stretch and go in and out with this toy was so hot.

    Later, we continued our exploration and I was sexting her from work. I told her I wanted her to go online and look at porn. I told her to explore around and see what turned her on. When I came home, she said, "I left the bookmarks for you." I could tell she was a little apprehensive, but I was excited.

    I went to look at it was mostly Mandingo movies and he was fucking these small little White girls. I called her upstairs and said, "You like this?" She said, "I guess I do. I was looking around and these videos turned me on. Something about the dicks these guys have just gets me wet."

    Shortly after we started looking on Craigslist and I started sharing my fantasies with her. We fuck sometimes and I talk about how I wish it was a black guy with a huge dick fucking her pussy. She gets wet as hell and orgasms over and over with this fantasy.

    We continued to research and it has never progressed to talking to anyone for her, but in order to test her out, I pretended to be someone. I emailed her and told her I was James and that her husband had talked to me about getting to know her. I gave her fake pictures of some Mandingo hung like guy. She was pissed at me and never responded with all of my taunts.

    I later told her it was me and she was pissed. She said she wasnt ready for it. This was about a year ago. She said, "Maybe in a few years when I feel like our kids are older and our sex life starts to become boring, but right now I am happy."

    We still talk about it, especially when she is buzzed, but she isnt quite ready to take it to the next level.

    Last night, we were drinking and I was sending her things I found on this site. She came up to me and started to passionately kiss me and grab my cock. We went into the bathroom and she bent over. I grabbed her hair and pulled her on my cock hard and said "You want a huge black cock inside of you dont you? Your pussy is wet just from me sharing pictures of those huge cocks. Tell me you want a black cock."

    She didnt respond, but she came quickly.

    I put her on the counter and started fucking her some more and she looked down at my cock going in and out and said, "I love seeing your cock go inside of me. It's so hot." I responded, "You know what would be even more hot is if it were a giant black cock stretching that pussy." She laid her head back as I fucked her and she came again. She never admitted she wanted it, she just came from the thought of it.

    I started kissing her all over and grabbing her pussy. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it while I fingered her with two fingers. I was slinging those fingers like Spiderman all up on her G spot and I looked at her face and started talking dirty.

    "You know you want a huge black cock in you baby. Just admit it. Tell me what you want. You want a giant cock fucking this little pussy and making you cum over and over."

    I continued fingering her hard.

    She raised her legs so I could get a little deeper. "Think of that cock fucking you baby. Imagine it inside of your pussy fucking you."

    She started to convulse again and her pussy started gushing and squirting all over the place. My entire hand was soaked from her squirting all over. She collapsed and looked down and said, "Oh my God! I squirted everywhere."

    I looked at her in the eye and said, "The mere thought of a giant black cock made you squirt all over. Looks like your mind and body want it."

    She said, "I guess so... wow. I mean, no, I wont do it, but my body is definitely saying it wants it."

    I am not sure how long our fantasy will stay a fantasy, but I cant wait for a huge cock to fuck her. It will have to be perfect though. For our first time, it has got to be with someone large, because if it's just an average cock with no skills it will be a let down and she wont do it again.

    So if we ever do make it to the next step, it's got to be perfect for her. I want it to be a huge cock that can make her cum over and over so we can do it more and more.

    Am I crazy for wanting this?

    These stories are 100% true and we are 100% real.

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  2. Kum Hoar

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    Just be careful what you wish for. Black cock is addictive!!:happy:
  3. straightdrop

    straightdrop Active Member

    send her my way....
  4. willsrvu

    willsrvu Administrator Real Person Gold Member

    Just don't put too much pressure on her as she may rebel against it.
    Keep up the fantasy of it with her, but let her pick when she feels it's right and, most importantly, let her pick the guy. Don't try setting her up for real as you did in role playing.
    Sounds like it won't be too much longer before she gives in to her desires.
  5. curiouscpl79

    curiouscpl79 Active Member Real Person Gold Member

  6. BNJ4BBC

    BNJ4BBC Well-Known Member Real Person Gold Member

    How has it progressed?
  7. curiouscpl79

    curiouscpl79 Active Member Real Person Gold Member

    It progressed quite well, but then reverted back.

    We started a kik account together at first and started chatting and sexting with guys.

    Listen to this. The first day, I get all the kik downloaded on her phone and put a craigslist ad up. Tons of guys are responding. I mean hundreds.

    I go to work and I come home and she's all horny. Like day one of our relationship horny. It was nice to see her all ravenous again.

    She shows me her kik and she's been chatting with an older black guy. She said, "I think I'm ready for this. I really want to fuck him."

    It instantly makes me hard and I can't wait to see what's driven her to this choice.

    I ask to see the chat and the douche has a bunch of fake pictures of huge cocks. I was so excited to see someone real that she's been chatting with but it's just some liar with cocks I've seen on this site and tumblr.

    I said, "Did you have him verify?"
    She's confused and I tell her to have him take a picture of his cock with her name written on paper and a peace sign in front of his dick too.

    She does and he makes excuses and then just never responds.

    She's totally hurt. She feels used and says she might be done as she feels like there's just some fake idiot on the other end collecting pictures and videos of her just to get off his jollies.

    It was nice though in some ways. She made videos for this guy, pictures, and talked dirtier than I've seen in years.

    She was really bothered by the lies, but...

    We continued to kik for awhile and she sexted with tons of guys but none of them are black. I asked her what happened and she said, "I'm just turned off by the whole liar."

    I told her there's lots of fakes out there and we just have to be smart and verify real people from the start.

    Anyways, we continued for about three weeks.

    We had two people totally freak out when we said we weren't interested and one of them named where I worked and got all crazy about being denied.

    So now she's afraid to introduce anyone into our lives.

    She said she'd rather wait for Hedonism Cruise or to go to a Swinger Party where things feel more safe.


    We shall see though.
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  8. VINCE71

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    I'd like the same for my wife...would like to chat if u want
  9. curiouscpl79

    curiouscpl79 Active Member Real Person Gold Member

    It hasnt taken long at all to get back to chatting.

    I think this site and a couple members here have been incredible in helping me get her to come along. I won't mention names but there's one specifically here that I wished lived closer cause he was a cool guy. Maybe we can all meet up some other day when we are all closer. ;)

    Here's what it took.

    I started personally trying to get to know the people interested. I let her decide looks and "otherwise" and then I personally reached out to those guys. Me, not her. I screened the fakes, the flakes, and the guys that were too arrogant to have a conversation with me.

    I got to know them. If they could make me feel comfortable with what they were looking for and would enjoy and we all were looking for the same thing, I continued. The point was for all parties to be happy with the scenario we wanted. That included the third party.

    Some of the guys were very stand-offish. Which is understandable due to all the fake picture collectors I'm sure. Sucks for them cause they were instantly put to the side.

    I checked out profiles and posts. You can tell a lot when guys respond, "There's no real people here", "I have yet to meet anyone from this site", or "Don't bother messaging me if you're going to disappear". All of those comments were key indicators for me of one's patience and entitlement. I didn't even consider anyone with a shit attitude.

    Either way, I narrowed it down to three guys based off personality, excitement about being a "part" of our lives, and making sure they wanted the same thing we wanted. For us that's just a fwb that's chill and just wants to have some sexual fun.

    Narrowed it down to one person and then showed my wife all the communications between us. She was into it.

    We had sex a few times and each time I talked about the guy and made her squirt all over the place. I would say things like, "You squirt just from the mere mention of taking his big cock, imagine having it."

    I fucked her with toys and got her to say, "Yes, fuck me with your big black cock (insert name)."

    I kept it in the fantasy zone for a couple days and then asked her if she was ready to chat with him.

    She did and has a couple times.

    Last night I was at work and I text her a picture of his cock and asked "Do you want this to be your first BBC?"

    She responded, "Yes! Just looking at his cock makes my pussy so wet. I can't wait for him to visit."

    The guy seems like a cool guy. We aren't into the whole cuckold thing. We just want to have some fun with good people. No humiliation, no take over stuff, just good sex with good people. Seems like he's into the same thing we are. She is excited to have her first and I really wanted it to be with someone excited to share that with her. Think we have finally found one.

    I'll keep you updated regardless of how it turns out.

    I'm excited and she's wet as fuck.
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  10. taco2310

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    Goodluck, keep us posted.