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comparisons for Cucks and Bulls...


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Okay, so not sure if Bulls would like or actually DO this, but I belong to a mailing list for guys with Small Penises and I just got a REALLY GOOD an interesting article. In it, the mentioned a website called the Visualizer. Where you can input your measurements and get comparisons to other guys, and what women have said is thier ideal size. Small endowed cucks, If you don't think size matters, fuck your woman one night then have a VERY large endowed bull come fuck her the next night. Video tape the two. Watch her face, listen to her moans. You'll notice a difference. I did a screens hot with my measurements put in, and a comparison with women's ideal. Kinda cool. Not sure if we could get potential Bulls to measure themselves and put the information in, but it would be kinda cool to do.