Come on in, say hello to my Girlfriend- or more.

Hi guys, this is my Girlfriend. She is 20 years old and has only ever had my cock. We fuck like jack rabbits, she can't get enough. She had no difficulty breaking it to me that my cock no longer satisfies her, and that she wants a bigger, black cock. I've went through her internet history on her phone, and I can see she's been watching porn where white girls take black cocks. When I am masturbating her she gets me to talk dirty, and talk of scenarios where she is getting fucked and stretched by several black men. I am ready to let her take the plunge, however I think she needs a little encouragement. I have no doubts that if she was drunk and a black man approached her she would let him stretch her pussy and return to me telling me all about it. So guys, let's get another white bitch on board and convert her to a black cock slut. I'll let you know if we succeed, any of your comments will be shown to her, and we will of course reply :)

Thank you.

Ps I am aware the date is set wrong on my camera.


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That's nice but until she gets her pussy and ass stretched open she will always wonder. However, because I'm a nice guy, I'll volunteer for the