Cmoney-My Intro

I am a counseling psychologist currently working in Florida at a detention facility. I am originally from the Washington, DC area. I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and a fan of MMA. I am also a big Manchester United fan. I was a soccer player growing up and that was my favorite sport. Had a college scholarship but declined it due to soccer not being considered "cool" in the black community at the time. I know, very stupid.

I am a member of the grandest fraternity in the land (Yo-Yo!!!), lol. For those of you who do not know what that means (I did PLEDGE, so believe me, my letters were earned)........anyway, I also studied martial arts for about 10-years and love to watch MMA. My training comes in handy at my job, no marks, no proof (smile).

I am here to meet interesting people and perhaps have some lively debates. I always consider another person's point of view whether I agree or disagree. I do like to have a few on occasions and generally like to check in on any bulletin boards which I belong. So, from time to time, my grammar and spelling will be pretty bad, lol. Let's have some fun!!!


Good because I hate white women psychologist. When I am in the room with them, they talk and talk and talk, and all I am thinking of is filling there mouth up with my cock.
Lmao, ok. U won't have to worry abt that with me. Just for the record, I'm definitely not into the DL lifestyle. I dont judge them, just not me in the least!