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Christian wife...with a secret

My Fantasy Land

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Stephanie is your typical, Christian wife...with a secret. She attends church, Bible studies, prayer groups, has a loving husband and 3 kids, including a 21 year old college daughter. Her husband goes on ministry trips ALOT....which means....she gets to play.

She wakes up in the morning with BBC on her mind. Takes a shower and puts on her most revealing yet classy outfit....a cute little sundress, sexy wedges and she can't forget....her hot wife anklet "I LOVE BBC." Her husband calls, "hey, baby...what are you doing today?" "Oh...you know errands...fun stuff." "have fun...love you." "Love you too, sweetheart."

Walking out the bedroom, she walks by her daughter's bedroom and knocks, "You ready, girl?" "Almost mom" as the mom slowly opens the door seeing her daughter dressing slutty as ever. "How do I look?" "Ah...you look amazing....mommy's little slut." and their adventures begin.