Chickened out, but still tasted my first black nut

Would you have let this black college guy use your mouth?

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Ok fine here it goes.

I walked into the bathroom one day cause i had to go during class. One out of two stalls had a broken toilet. So i waited for the other one but i noticed the guys feet moving erratically which gave it away that he was pleasuring himself.

I heard him barely hold in a moan as he came and i could hear the pitter patter from it hitting all over himself and the seat, which he neglected to wipe off.

I wanted so desperately to offer myself to him, but i was nervous and remembered that stall didnt lock and didnt want to get caught. Which was a good thing cause someone came in right as he finished, but as he left...

We checked each other out and he smirked and muttered "damn, coulda used some bitch boi mouth" as he looked at me. I felt so degraded because he said it infront of someone else that i almost came in my pants then and there. All i could do was blush and eat his cum off the seat as i went to the bathroom... ill never understand why some women dont like being sluts... its amazing.