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Chicago BBC Needed on 1/5/2013


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Hey there. My friend and I are looking to find a BBC on Jan 5th here in Chicago. She has never been with a Black guy before, so I'm trying to get her started. I'm on the North side of Chicago by Loyola. She will be coming to visit Jan 4th and staying the weekend. Here are a couple pics, though they are a little dated. If anyone is interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me here.

photo.JPG photo.PNG

Hedonist Ninja

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North Side by Loyola? So... Rodgers Park? Edgewater?You don't have to say.

I am in Lincoln Park... Near Steppenwolf/DePaul.

If you are looking for NSA IR sex, treat it like any night out in Chicago. There is no magic to it just because the person you seek is going to be of a different skin color. The club scenes of downtown and bars of the Near North have endless black men who like to hook up with white women or white couples; some more willing then others or course.That sounds like an oversimplification but I do caution you that the internet is NOT the best place to turn to for short notice if your girl is an IR virgin or even new to more casual encounters sexually. 20 minutes of time spent with a person you met live in a lounge or at a event can save you about 5 hours of online back and forth BS in terms of sizing some one up.

You mentioned that she has never fucked a black guy. Are you supposed to be the facilitator or are you a couple and you are going to watch and take pics and all that jazz? I ask since if you are not a couple proper, it puts you in an odd role of making the introductions with a guy or to a group when the aim is to get her sex. If she is not introverted, she can chat up men herself? Yes? She just needs you to be the guide about the city or does she need you to oversee the interaction? Have you invited another guy (or girl) into a group sex setting before or have you placed match maker for a woman?

Does she need to get drunk to meet strangers and get on with them or she is social even when sober? That matters if you go looking for sex of a certain kind. I have seen too many girls/guys looking to hook up (not just black/white) with some object of their affection get piss drunk and mess up what would have been a good connection or going home with their new pal since they overdid the liquor. I shake my head thinking of this one guy who goes after Asian hotties and gets them, mostly, when he does not lift too much liquor first...

I am assuming that since you are not on AFF posting ads that you guys are looking to take the social tact in meeting men, from public gatherings, and letting the sex develop naturally if there is any attraction to be had. With Boystown as the north border, head South until you hit downtown; so many night spots there to check out. Endless places to meet men are found on the Near North and you will find a more diverse class of black guy. Some of the thuggish ones but many 20s-30s black professionals too.

I go out clubbing by myself, with my pals, and with my ladies of different races and it is not hard to meet new potential sex partners. I do caution against a ONS if that is not the norm for her. Unless she is just looking to fuck in a hotel and does not care about the rest, it is better to get a number and have her date the guy once before she chooses to fuck him. For all the good the night time hook up scene offers, there are some freaks too and not in the best way. IR does not really add another level of complication, just use common sense in terms of meeting someone new and looking to make that into a sexual relationship.

Top luck to you both! If you want the names of some bars/lounges I hit up personally, let me know. I am a white guy in his early 30s who does the late night game. I do interracial swinging and other zaniness. I love to party and while that clubbing does not appeal to all, it is a great way to meet people from all over Chicago and those who are in the burbs that come into the city to play weekend warrior. You can meet people of all ages and races downtown on the scenes.

Above all, have fun and don't make the quest into a chore. If she does not hook up now, she can at another time. That much is true!


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Thanks for the post. We are not really a couple. Her and I used to date, but now we are just very good friends and fuck buddies. We do a lot together. She has no problem taking charge, but since I have done this with my past girlfriends, she wanted me to get things moving so to speak.

I'm in Edgewater, just two blocks away from Loyola. Besides using sites like this in the past, my past gfs and I would go to bars. Heck when we were going out with the intention of meeting another guy, we didn't even have to go to any bar. We were on the cta platform waiting for a train, she took notice of a Black man she found attractive, and started chatting. Everyone got on the train but before we made it to a bar, the three of us got on the other train heading back and went to my place. That was the easiest a gf and I ever had it lol.

I used to live on South side and just moved up north recently, so I am not really familiar with any of the clubs. Let me know which ones are good. Again thanks for the post. Hope to chat with you more.