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Chicago Area


Real Person
Are there any serious couples in the Chicagoland area that would like to pursue a real "friendship"?
A simple hello that could turn into a few messages that could possibly become a few emails that undoubtedly would result into a Skype/KIK greeting that would become flirting and taboo talk leading into some intimate phone conversations with instructions and sharing of fantasies. Ultimately, taking your wife on a romantic date. Getting her nails done the way I like. Her hair the way I like. Her lips the way I like. Positions the way I like, while she takes my bbc and her creamy juices covering me from tip to balls while I go deeper while her sexy nails squeeze my back and ass and her sexy lips part in pleasure while taking me, while she sweats her hair out. Any couples? Chicagoblackmale38 on skype and KIK.