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Cheating Wives: whats your excuse.

Cheating Wives what excuse or story do you use to get away. So you can Fuck your Bull. I joined a health club. Where I said I was taking tennis lessons every week. I carry a racket and a bag. I keep lube and ect. in. Tennis outfits are hot very short and tight I love wearing them with out the little shorts. I cant be reached my phone was in my locker. I say I wont use a public shower so of course Im all sweaty when I get home. I try to swallow all loads so my Pussy & Ass arent leaking CUM. with a annual fee theres no record how many times I go to the club ashley tennis.JPG (NO BRA NO PANTIES)
I was on a business trip. My wife Beth had a friend, Tracey, who kept telling her how great dating blk guys was since her recent divorce. While Iwas on a 10 day trip, Tracey got Beth to go out for a Girl's Nite Out which was basically a set-up. Tracey got Beth a little tipsy and had arranged for two young hot blk guys to meet them their a little later and to come try to hook up with them. Well some drink and dancing and seduction got Beth to say ok to a nite cap at Tracey's apartment which ended in 2 days of fucking the two different guys. She eventually had to come home before I got home from the airport.

While Beth was sort of tricked, she also was totally into it and has been a slut for blks since. She (and me) went from a conservative church going wife who was bored with sex to a slutty blk cock loving wife. Later she found James her bull.
My man travel away lots offshore an i get lonely lots in quiet place. My man is older man he 63. I got big libido an sorry i got nice man chase me at party an i got drunk and he play with me in swim pool an we make love in pool ansome peple can see butits dark la bit but it was exciting an i didnt tell my man an feel guitly but he say i should play with man cos he is old. So now somrtime i get man to have sex but i not tell my man still. An i do some more naghty things too. eI sorry for it but not can help it.so so i always love to my man lots when he is home and do everyhthing he likes too an make him happy. An say sorry to my god too.