Chastity: experiences and recommendations

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Hi zunyandfer. We've been using a cock cage for about two years. The one in the picture is our third and most current. Began with a couple cheaper metal and plastic models that rusted and pinched, respectively. This, the CB6000s chrome, seems to be working well, albeit, not a 24/7 thing for us.

Our advice would be to keep it all clean! If you're seeking strict supervision, have her remove it and monitor him as he washes. Without daily washing, you're asking for infection and overall poor hygiene, which, even if he is cutoff, ruins the sexual mood for all.

Keep honest communication with one another and move forward at your own pace. It can be a wonderful kink that adds to the cuckolding dynamic, especially if the Bull is interested in it, or has experience/prefers the husband be caged.

Great advices. Thank you so much for sharing. I will keep all that in mind. Also I think that eventually we will buy the cage-model your recommended. The one I'm using (latex and metal) is really comfortable but also hard to clean.
I continue reading good comments about the CB6000, so your comment it's a great confirmation of that.
Best regards!