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Charles did this for me

Our friend Charles had arranged a gangbang for me and we arrived at the address we'd been given almost on time and made our way to the front door. The guy who answered the door and invited us inside was a tall well built Black guy in his early 40's. As he showed us into the living room I got my first look at the guys who would soon be fucking me and I have to tell you I was so unbelievably horny at that moment. There were 8 guys in the room, plus the guy who'd shown us in, and they were all good looking, fit and a mix of Black and White guys. I just knew it was going to be an awesome night.

The guys came over and introduced themselves and remarked how good I looked. I was wearing a black skirt, black see thru blouse, no bra, tiny white panties and lastly a pair of black fishnet stockings. I knew about half of the guys but the others were complete strangers to me and that just made the whole thing so much more exciting for me. Not knowing what the new guys would look like naked, how their bodies would feel, what their cocks were like and how they would feel inside was such an extra turn-on.

After the introductions and a very quick bit of chit-chat, some music was put on and I started to move seductively to the sound. The guys gave me more room as they all watched. Seeing their eyes roaming up and down my body as they mentally undressed me aroused me even further and before long my dancing took on a very erotic nature .. hehe.

As I danced in the middle of the guys I could clearly see bulges growing in the front of their pants and that was definitely the effect I was wanting to see. I danced over to one of the new guys and slid my hand down onto his ass. He smiled at me as I squeezed his firm buttock so I pressed myself against the bulge in his pants and whispered to him .. "I am very very wet." His smile grew when he heard me say that and moments later I felt his hand on my ass. We grinded against each other for a few moments and while we did his fingers slipped inside my panties and very quickly found my saturated hole and swollen clit. I let him finger me for a few seconds and then I pulled back and placed my hand on the rock hard bulge in his pants. I stroked him a couple of times and then just couldn't hold back any longer. I opened his pants and stroked his huge Black cock in front of the other guys. They loved it and started to move towards me.

I asked them to wait their turn and they all smiled their agreement. I then laid on the floor in front of them and leaned back on my elbows. The guy who had just fingered me got down on the floor pulled my panties off and spread legs. He then got between my legs and continued to finger fuck my saturated cunt as he rubbed and teased my clit. After a minute or so of that he went down on me and after maybe another minute I felt that familiar 'tingle' in my clit and I had just the most delicious orgasm. It was just sooooo good. After I came the guy pulled his fingers out of me and licked my wetness from them.

Well my engine had most definitely been put into high gear and I have to tell you I was so ready for whatever the guys had in mind. I was on my back on the floor, my legs were spread wide and my cunt was oh so wet and lubricated. Bring on those cocks I thought to myself as I watched the guys undressing around me. And as they all got naked I was delighted to see every single cock was rock hard and there were some VERY big cocks ready to pleasure me. Charles had certainly done well with his choice of guys .. hehe.

The guys got down on the floor around me as soon as they were naked and the first thing they did was remove the rest of my clothing. Once that was done I then had hands all over me. A guy from the last gangbang Charles arranged, Rick, got between my legs first and rubbed his big purple helmet of a cockhead along my pussy lips. It felt real good. He teased me with his swollen glans for at least a minute and several times eased the tip into my hole before quickly pulling it out and rubbing it again along my lips. I have to tell you I was so close to grabbing him and pulling him into me when finally he slipped the tip into my engorged vaginal opening again and slowly eased it deeper and deeper into me.

As Rick's cock pushed my pussy open and sunk deeper into me I could feel it pulsing and it was so incredibly hard and warm. He continued until his knob was pressing hard against the bottom of my pussy and then gently applied more pressure to stretch me. His cock was not yet fully inside me but slowly, as my pussy stretched further, he gradually got more in until I felt his pubic bone against me. He then grinded against me and I have to tell you that felt so good I was on the verge of another orgasm very quickly. I guess my moaning told him I was about to cum because he pulled his cock back a few inches and then pushed it fully back into me again. In short strokes like that he fucked me quicker and quicker and I had the most intense orgasm as he did. I don't remember him fucking me like that during the first gangbang but I sure will after this one .. hehe.

Rick continued his short deep fucking until my orgasm faded and then he began to fuck me with long, hard and fast strokes. It was exactly what I needed after that orgasm and he had me on the verge of another orgasm in no time at all. As I started to cum he fucked me even faster and whispered to me, did I want his cum in me? I cried out YES, YES several times and moments later I felt his warm seed flood into me. Of course that intensified my orgasm and I was half crying and half screaming from the pleasure of it.

With my pussy flooded in cum and after three intense orgasms I was feeling oh so good and I knew it was only the beginning. There were still 8 horny guys, and Peter, desiring my pussy and I sure was desiring being fucked by their hard cocks and filled with their hot cum :)

Having 'warmed me up' .. so to speak .. Rick pulled his cum smeared cock from my stretched and well lubed pussy hole and moved back. As soon as the space between my legs was vacant another cock weilding lover took his place. It was one of the new guys - a White guy. He eased his thick cock straight into my cunt and was banging me hard and deep a few moments later. He fucked me for a couple of minutes .. during which time he made me orgasm .. and then unloaded inside me.

Two more guys fucked me in that position .. with one of them giving me my third creampie of the night .. before I needed to move into a different position. I got up on my hands and knees with the top part of my body on one of the sofas in the room. When I was ready I told the guys I want more cock and another guy got behind me and pushed his throbbing cock into my cummy cunt. With his hands on my hips he then pounded me for all he was worth until he too added to the sea of sperm inside me.

Another guy fucked me in that position and then it was Peter's turn. He was so horny and turned on after watching the guys fuck me and fill me with their seed that he was only able to last a few minutes in my semen dripping used cunt before he exploded in me. It was enough time to give me an awesome orgasm though ... hehehe. When Peter had finished with me he told me to show my creampie to the guys.

I turned around, sat up on the sofa with my legs spread wide looking down at the large white globs of cum sitting at and oozing out the opening of my well fucked pussy. The guys gathered around so they could also see. I started to push their jizz out of my hole and began to play with the cream that they had given me so far. I spread it over my pussy, ass and legs.

When I stood up more cum escaped and I had large amounts of cum dripping down my legs ... I quickly cupped my hand on my crotch and caught the spill then I smeared it all over my cunt, pussy and legs while they watched. I was so turned on I licked it from my fingers. I really enjoyed giving the guys a little show and then I asked Charles to lay down on the floor. He hadn't yet fucked me and his cock looked so hard I thought it was going to explode.

I climbed onto Charles and easily lowered my cummy pussy onto his Black fuckstick. Once I was settled he grabbed my ass with both hands and slammed his cock up into me again and again and again. He had me cumming like a bitch in heat in less than a minute and as I was he told one of the other guys to get down and into position so they could double fuck me. The guy did as told and when he was ready Charles stop for a moment and the guy positioned his cock and then thrust it into my pussy to join Charles's. Fuck did that feel oh so fucking good. I cried out in pleasure as that second cock slammed into my cunt and the guys began to fuck me so hard and fast I started orgasming moments later .. and .. I kept on orgasming. I started to have one orgasm after the another and during the second or third the guy fucking me from behind unloaded.

As soon as that guy had finished shooting his cum into my cunt he pulled out and Charles said for another guy to take his place. Another guy did and the fucking continued. It was awesome and I came so much. Two or three more guys fucked me like that and you can't imagine .. or maybe you can hehe .. how much cum there was all over me by the time we took a break. I felt like my whole crotch was smeared in it and the smell was incredible .. hehe.

We really needed to take a break at that point so we did but it was by no means the end of the night. Some of the guys had yet to cum and I knew others were intending to give me a second and even a third load .. and I certainly wasn't about to stop them :)

It was easily one of the best gangbangs I've had and by the end of it I had enjoyed so many orgasms and every one of the guys had fucked me as much as he could. How many creampies did they give me? I wish I knew but judging by the cum I felt, smelt and saw there was a WHOLE lot of them .. hehe. I left the house with a totally satisfied and totally numb cunt and slept like a baby :)

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