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Central Pennsylvania


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Fuck pa

There is never any bbc
I'm not a demographer, but there are certain parts of this country that don't have a large black population. I could be wrong, but I believe that the majority of black people in Pennsylvania are clustered in and around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, with some exceptions.

If this is what your girlfriend really wants (and not just what you want), she will be able to find somebody that she is attracted to and wants to be with.
yes,,lots of black males in pittsburgh area,,but its hard to get them interested in this stuff for some reason,,weve met a few out of hundreds of emails weve recieved from graigs list and other sites into the interracial theme,,but most never meet,,or they are just some white guy posing as black guy that wants pics,,or if they are black they are looking for a play-boy bunny or some thing,,lots of talk and not much action,,but some times it works out,,most weve meet only show up one time and never here from them again,,i think most weve met are just out cheating on there wives and girl friends,,because they never want to give us a number to reach them at,,,just our two cents worth,,,but we will keep trying to find the right bull for us to make what we want a reality..
We have a couple of black friends from the Pittsburgh area! Drive up here to get together every couple of months. We have not had much luck from Craig's List ads. Hundreds and hundreds of responses that really ended up going nowhere!!! X hamster has been the best site so far for finding quality guys!![/quote What's your name on xhamster?