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Two years ago, my two best friends, Liz and May, and I went to the Bahamas for our last spring break before graduating from college. Both Liz and I were engaged. She was getting married in four months, and my fiancé and I were planning to the next year. May was the wild one, always entertaining us with her sexual escapades. She'd convinced us to do a last fling or saying we'd be sorry later in life. We made the guys stay behind. We wore the tiniest thong bikinis we could find. I really got excited walking around in that tiny thong. Both Liz and May hooked up with guys, and I ended up hooking up with a really hot black Bahamian guy. He had a great six-pack, and his muscles really looked good on his ebony body. He was my first black guy. He was really great in bed. We had the most incredible sex, so much better than with my fiancé. He had a huge cock, twice the size of my fiancé's and we did stuff I'd never done before. The part I didn't know was the the guys secretly planned to come down and surprise us and when Jack, my fiance arrived, he caught me in bed fucking my black stud. Jack is from my hometown. He broke up with me, made a huge scene, and told everyone including my mom. I was so humiliated. I had dated Jack since high school, and he was the only guy I had ever had sex with until now. I ended up not taking the job offered to me that was in my hometown. And after graduation, I moved to the big city. I rarely go back to visit my parents except on holidays. At least I discovered how good sex can be with big black men, and now I have great, wild, freaky sex all the time with a lot of different guys. They're all better than my ex-fiancé, Jack.


Jack is such a looser and you did not loose any thing by getting rid of him. If he was man enough to satisfy you like a black man does you would still be together to get back at him for telling everyone you should try to seduce him to comming to a motel room or some place safe and have a couple of black guys waiting and tie him down and let the brothers go to work on him like fuck his mouth and ass who knows he may like it and quit being such a pussy good luck love