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Caught in the act...erotic!

so this story comes on the tails of about 3 years past me and my exwifes experiences with her sharing her BBC stories and allowing me to watch and enjoy. After we decided to break it off and move our separate ways, I hadn't really been into BBC stories, don't get me wrong I enjoy porn, all facets of it. Interracial porn always does it, not because of big black dicks, but the women who get fucked by them are A+ dime pieces. However this story is something similar but different.

So my cousin who had been with Anna(not her real name) for a few years now, white girl, thick with a nice booty. The back story to her is I had my time with her but not in a way I did with my ex wife. I hit it a few times mainly just to eat pussy as she loved how I ate her and how long I got doing it. Anyway back to it, so they have kids and we hadn't spoken for awhile due to my past with her and out of pure respect to his wishes he thought it would be weird if I was always around. It took him awhile to finally come around and get over I used to hit it as well. But they live together and seem happy, to me.

So what I know about her is she loved girl on girl action well when I used to know her she did, so when me n my cousin finally started to hang out again, it was back to the norm, talking about fucking bitches and meeting girls. So one night me and him are drinking and chatting it up, he brings up that his woman cheated on him and he got her back, without trying to get to much details I eased in like "with someone from her work?" He said no it was an ex of hers! Which from what I knew mostly had been white dudes except Darren, who was black. All these old feeling aid me n my exes stories and me getting to share her with BBC started to come back. He mentioned some guy named deron or Devon, I knew immediately she was getting that deep dick. I was instantly turned on but had to refrain from going or asking further more asked him about the girl he fucked and how she was. He divulged and we moved on.

I've always been able to please my women with my 8 inch hard dick, so I've never really had that issue but I've always enjoyed being naughty and freaky. So as time went on we chilled and drank and talked about our ventures while we hadn't seen each other. He knew my ex wife since I met her through him, and knew they still talked, idk about what but still maintained that friendship. So one weekend he had a BBQ and invited some people over and I was invited and decided to make an appearance which turned out on. Throughout the day I noticed his girl always looking at her phone and texting nothing unusual, but did notice she had gotten into pretty good shape. So the day wears on and I catch my self coming out of the bathroom and notice her cell phone in the bathroom on the shelf, so curiosity killed the cat so to speak, I decided to go back in and lock the door. I quickly sat and picked up her phone hoping their was no lock which their wasn't. So I began to browse nothing unusual the norm selfies, social sites as the norm, but decided to check her text messages and noticed a recent texting from "BD" which I can only imagine what it meant. So I opened that se tot messages and seen they had been back and forth for a long time, so as I scroll through the messages I seen they exchanged picks her booty, his waist line started it all to more revealing pics of her boobs, his hung package, which I must say was very impressive to say the least. He even sent a vid file which I opened of him sitting in his living room stroking his package which came in several files and I must say it was at least 12 inches and thick. So I can see the appeal.

I can see they haven't actually met up yet only meeting at the gym where it all started. So closed it out and put the phone back and left with the image of her and that monster. Funny thing is her phone didn't have a pin or password to lock it which aroused me even more cause I began to wonder if they were into that type of lifestyle that I had tried years before it was this her way of catching me staring at her amazing body and booty knowing I used to get it. Did she talk to my ex? Was she in on my past history? Idk it remained a mystery. So the weeks presses on and my urge to image that monster and her began to hit me, I stored those images In the spank bank and used them for my own stroke time. I started to fantasize about her and that big dick and how it was going down. So like I said it's been a month or two now and had been chilling and hanging out. So the heat turns up.

So I had on one night asked him if he had ever shared another girl with his woman which he answered a few times? I was surprised, knowing what I know about him and how jealous he was, that got my attention. We chatted on it and shared some outside stories. I mentioned my occasional threesomes, but just one girl. So on one occasion the occasion of topic. So I had loaned him my hydraulic jack to change out his brakes in his car, it had been a few days and I needed to do the same, so I texted him a day I was off and he said go ahead it's in the garage just go to the house and get it no ones home. So I decided to make my way over and parked in the back since I know he had a back door to his garage as well. So I walk in and start gathering the items, I notice the door to the house is open and walked up to close the door and hear noises coming from in the house. Not just any noise, I hear clapping and moaning, so my curiousity got the best of me I took my shoes off so I'm not making noise, I creep in and move towards the sounds. I hear"daddy fuck me, fuck me daddy" my dick started to harden, I work my way back slowly and hear, "oh daddy I feel you in my stomach, you're so deep" the this mans voice speaks out "you like that bitch" she says "yes daddy" as I get to my viewing spot, I see her on her knees, him behind her with a load of hair and him stroking her slowly from the back. I can see him entering in and out of her, inch by inch it appears then disappears deep, she moans harder. I glance down and see my dick print in my sweats, was growing firmer, I wanted to stroke so I decided to feel my dick a bit as I watched. The sex intensified he started slamming that monster in her and she screamed "oh yes daddy, take it, take it" "give me that daddy dick" he had been on it for a minute or so hard, then he pulls out and I see this massive dick wet from her pussy, and I hear her say "fuck my ass", and I'm like whoa that is going to be interesting. So he spits on his dick and she sucks it up, he gets him sloppy and turns around, he slowly started to insert his head which was a thick mushroom he's into her ass, she moaned and said "do it daddy, fuck my ass" I was turned on by this as I wanted my ex to take a BBC in her ass but wouldn't. So he inserted his dick in her ass, and I watch in amazement, she moaned and he shoved her head into the pillow and I can hear her muffled screams in the pillow. I had began to stroke and watch I watched for a few moments when he pulled out and shot a massive load on her back, but he remained hard as hell, I stroked until I came in my hand, which was a load, I pulled my hand out and looked up and seen her on her back and he was going in for round two, I needed to go before I got caught but where do I wipe my hand off with??? I look down and I see her panties right below me, so I grabbed them and wiped my hands clean, still semi hard I peaked in and can see him with her legs on his shoulders and he was pounding that pussy. As I start to turn away I notice my hand between my fingers I had access cum so I licked it up and left. I totally forgot my jack but decided to use it as a cover or aliby so to speak.

Later that day, he texted and asked if I was getting the Jack mad mentioned I forgot to stop by and get it, he said it's ok he would drop it off.

I needed to call my own booty call up to take it out on her which I did and that was that. But the image of what I saw remains? Now begins my predicament, do I mention this? Do I ease him into it? Or are they already into this? Idk, my mind is racing and I loved every moment of what I saw.

Please give me your thoughts???