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Categories for Real Person

Hi everyone,

I came up with an idea to introduce categories for real person on this site, which are:

Real Bull :sex:
Real QOS :lips::qos:
Real Cuckold :help:

The verification process shall remain same apart from the Cuckolds'. A cuckold will be obliged to present a photo in which his wife is fucking with a hung black man or in which he is being fucked by a strapon by his wife or the wife verifies for him while she is fucking her bull.

There's no swapping scene going on here, so real couple tag is irrelevant because a QOS is always incharge and wears the pant in the relationship.

Real bulls who fuck more than 5 Real QOS (in other case, bring her into this site and verify her like Mr @bigblackbull76 does) should be given a title of "Real King".

The real cuckold members will be helpful in avoiding to chat timewasters which will improve geniunety of this site.

I would encourage your opinions and thoughts. I hope our staff members would like this idea as it is for the betterment of our blacktowhite.net family.



Real Person
Im a real bull and so far there has been maybe one cpl from my area lol...so in order tobe considered a real bull on here i have to get females to join this site? Good look lol hell people scared to get on a secret/closed group on facebook or wherever let alone here