casual conversation

So im working with a client today and were discussing her daughters track meet from the night before. I was mentioning how very awkward and unathletic some of the high school kids at the gym seem to be. She brought up how large and muscular the black guys at the track meet were. (to keep it safe, im just assuming she meant the 18yr old students btw). She was more in shock by how huge their cocks looked all packed into the track pants. Now this might not seem like anything to some of you, but for me it was a bit of a rush. Besides my gf, no one knows im into this kind of thing, and hearing her words, however casual the conversation might have been, had my head spinning.
Middle Aged but still hot. Like I said, the convo took place during a training session so i didnt really want to drag it out but im sure I could have gotten more details if i had asked. She was just very impressed and suprised buy how big their dicks looked. "in those tight pants, i could see it all. Their, you know, things, were so big and huge..i guess its genetics??" I couldnt get her words out of my head all day
Its funny when i first started having the fantasy of my wife with black men I felt like a real outsider, I had no idea so many other guys felt the same way